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Glass Fusing Made Easy


Welcome to my glass fusing blog. I plan on updating this with links to my new site pages. I currently have a site on the internet located at

If you are interested in glass fusing or have any questions, please check out my site. I would be happy to answer any questions about the proceedures.


I added the following pages:

Float Glass – – This page explains a little about float glass, and how it can be used in glass fusing. Float glass is more commonly known as window glass, and can be easily obtained. When using float glass, you will need to use pieces from the same batch of glass to be assured of the compatibility of the glass.


Glass Weaving – – Information on the process of glass weaving. Different techniques used to accomplish this process.

Strip Glass Weaving – – Doing a strips method of glass weaving. One of the simpliest ways to accomplish the look of woven glass.

Liquid Glass Stringer – – Making homemade liquid glass stringer. Get the look of stringers out of your glass powders by using this technique.


Fiber Paper Strips for Glass Weaving – – Using fiber paper to achieve the look of glass weaving. Pictures and information.

Stainless Steel Molds – – Stainless steel molds are used to achieve the look of weaved glass. Where these can be purchased, and how to use them in your weaving process.

Stringer for Glass Weaving – – Stringers are delicate round pieces of glass. These can be used to simulate the look of fine woven cloth.


Discovered how easy and fun it can be to add YouTube videos to my site. So, I also made a video and uploaded it to YouTube and added it to my page. Added the following pages:

Dichroic and Silver Jewelry – – Using silver to encase and accent your dichroic pieces is simple to accomplish. Check out this page for more information on this procedure.

Slump bottles in your kiln – – Bottles can be found just about anywhere and in a variety of shapes and sizes. See how simple and fun it is to melt them in your kiln.

Stringers – – Stringers add detail and dimension to your glass pieces. They can be used right out of the tube, or bent and formed using a candle. Check out the YouTube video on how this procedure can be done simply and quickly.


Been working on my site again today and have the following new pages:

Glass Slumping Process – – A discusson on the glass slumping process and how it is achieved.

Glass Slumping Supplies – – A list of the simple supplies needed to accomplish the slumping procedure.

Build a Web Site – – Finally decided to put up my page on how I love SBI!


Shotgun Annealing – – Added a page to help explaing what shotgun annealing is and how to accomplish this procedure.

Pyrometer – – More for the beginners. What is a pyrometer and how does this work.


Making Marble Glass Items – – Want to flatten out some marbles inside your kiln. This will help you accomplish this and what you can do with these after melting them down.

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