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Art Glass Cabochons


09/27/07 – Art Glass Cabochons

Added this page to the beginner page. This is a demonstration to show how all your scrap glass can be turned into art glass cabochons.

My favored item to build in the kiln is art glass cabochons.  These bring out the imaginative juices within me and they are so easy to construct.

You are able to form numerous at a time, and fill up your kiln shelf.  Almost all of my fused glass jewelery constitutes applying just a shade of dichroic glass, because of its stunning and eye-popping beauty.

I keep even the most petite bits of glass to use as emphases or ornaments on my fused cabochon.  These assembles have exotic figures.  There are curvatures and slants that actually bestow a distinguishing tone to any piece.

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Fused Glass Pocket Vases


09/27/07 – Fused Glass Pocket Vases

Made a couple of fused glass vases. For more information, please check out the page. These take time and monitoring the kiln to achieve the desired look. I found that they are easier to make using fiber paper instead of the fiber board. The fiber board is much harder to remove from the finished piece.

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Getting ready for Halloween


09/24/07 – Fused Glass Pin

Finished making up my Halloween pins for my friends and family. For more instructions on how to make these , please check out the page. These do require that you have experience using a glass saw, so you can cut out the pattern. Adorn a fused plate with all of these cuties, or make them into pins and give them to your friends.

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Business Card Holder

09/21/07 – Business Card Holder

Made some business card holders.  These were made like tiles and then slumped in the kiln over a Kaiser Lee board.  This was added to the beginner project page.  Sooooooooo simple!

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Broken Glass Art


09/15/07 – Broken Glass Art

Been using some old bottles to make some fantastic pieces of art. This is a Skyy bottle that was broken and fused into a bowl mold inside the kiln. I love the color and texture of this piece.

Bottle glass is plentiful to find and not that difficult to use. You can’t mix bottles, because of the unknown COE of each piece.

09/16/07 – Fuse Cutouts

Working with some fuse cutout pieces. This is a page in the Beginner Project Section, because there is little or no cutting involved when using these pieces. They come in different shapes and sizes.


09/16/07 – Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

These are some samples of the adorable Christmas ornaments that can be made using the fuse cutout pieces. With these shapes, you can make pins, add them to a cookie platter, etc.

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