Broken Glass Art


09/15/07 – Broken Glass Art

Been using some old bottles to make some fantastic pieces of art. This is a Skyy bottle that was broken and fused into a bowl mold inside the kiln. I love the color and texture of this piece.

Bottle glass is plentiful to find and not that difficult to use. You can’t mix bottles, because of the unknown COE of each piece.

09/16/07 – Fuse Cutouts

Working with some fuse cutout pieces. This is a page in the Beginner Project Section, because there is little or no cutting involved when using these pieces. They come in different shapes and sizes.


09/16/07 – Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

These are some samples of the adorable Christmas ornaments that can be made using the fuse cutout pieces. With these shapes, you can make pins, add them to a cookie platter, etc.


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