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Getting to Know Your Kiln


10/29/07 – Get to Know your Kiln
If you are just starting out with glass fusing, you are going to want to purchase a kiln. Discover all the different parts of this expensive unit. What are they used for, and are they necessary to have on your kiln.
Don’t just purchase any kiln. Find one that will fit your needs and expense account. Be sure that you have all the necessary items on your kiln so that you can fuse your projects with ease.

10/29/07 – Glass Fusing Suppliers
Searching for exactly the suitable provider for all your glass fusing essentials? Check over the new page about glass art suppliers. Find out where you can purchase not only glass, but all those needed supplies…yes, at one place.
Find out where to purchase fantastic art and craft supplies. While buying materials for glass fusing, you need the best cost, superior merchandise and terrific customer help.

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Glass Fusing Studio


10/25/07 – Fused Glass Workshop

Fused glass shops can be specific to each individual person. A glass studio is perfect for containing your glass materials and keeping them orderly, organizing your supplies and having a space to do work. It is fantastic to have all your items within reach and centrally situated. A glass studio may be positioned in just about any room of your home or in a garage.

Fused glass workshops serve to organize your objects and keep them and your household secure. You require an orderly secure area where your glass and equipment are protected. You also do not need any fragments of glass chancing their way into small or large feet.

Fused glass shops could be located in a garage, or in extra rooms in the home. Everyone’s available space is unique. Learn more about the items necessary to accomplish setting up a fused glass workshops in your home. What are the primary requirements and needs to have a safe and secure place to dabble with your glass.

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Fused Glass Donut

Fused Glass Donut

10/14/07 – Fused Glass Donut

Creating a fused glass doughnut is effortless and playful. These can be formed to put on on a necklace, or bound to another token.  With a hollow in the midpoint or off to the side, these figures may be really varied.  You will be able to accomplish diverse appearances contingent on the output.

There are many techniques you can apply to arrive at these.  A few of the ways to attain the sinker appearance would comprise of; bore a hollow in a fused piece, use a bought/do-it-yourself cast, or by free organizing a figure.  If wanting to use and purchase a jewelry mold, please check out the jewelry mold page. There is a variety of shapes and forms for making fused glass jewelry.

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Fused Glass Sinks


10/10/07 – Fused Glass Sinks

Fused glass sinks are really becoming popular. They can be made doing cold work, glass fusing, or hot glass.

Cold working glass would involve techniques like stained glass, mosaic glass, glass carving and etching. When made by using the glass fusing technique, they can be about as strong as your porcelain sinks. This procedure would require a larger kiln because the final product is about 15-20 inches in diameter, and about 5-8 inches deep. Hot glass would involve blowing glass.

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Updating site

10/03/07 – Glass Fusing Books

Decided to update this page. Took off the Amazon link, because it didn’t seem to be working for my visitors. Updated my review of books, especially the ones by Petra Kaiser. She has come out with a fabulous new book with various concepts and ideas. Added a link to EBay so that visitors could purchase used books at reasonable costs.

10/03/07 – Fused Glass DVDs

Added a page on where you could locate and rent DVDs on glass fusing. I have rented videos from this site in the past, and have found them to be extremely helpful and inexpensive. I am hoping that this will help individuals that do not have glass fusing classes near their homes, and that renting DVDs will help them in learning new techniques.

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Soap Dish Mold Fused Glass

Soap Dish Mold

10/02/07 – Soap Dish Mold Fused Glass

Added to the beginner page, because this project is very simple and easy to make. Learn how to make a soap dish mold to slump your glass over. These can be made with fusible glass, float glass, or any art glass.

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How to Make Unique Pieces of Fused Glass



10/01/07 – How to Make Fused Glass Pieces – How to make unique one-of-a-kind pieces of fused glass for other projects. Using scraps and other pieces of glass to make and design your own glass.

Fused Glass Wind Chimes – Using bottles or fusible glass to make fused Glass Wind Chimes. These can be elaborate or simple, depending on the material and look you want to achieve.

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