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Open Fusing Kiln


11/27/07 – Open Fusing Kiln

At what temperature is it risk-free to open up the fusing kiln? When heating your object, it’s popular to glance when the art object reaches a temperature of above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to put on your IR and UV glasses when doing this operation.

Glass is breakable between room temperature and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t open your unit beneath 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. At above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass is hot enough that it’s all right to see the glass. Always put on optic protective covering when watching the fusing glass in the kiln. The scalding air escaping from the oven can damage those unprotected eyes!

To read about this and more information on opening the fusing kiln, please visit Open Fusing Kiln.

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The Secret to a Hot Fused Glass Christmas


11/20/07 – Fused Glass Christmas

What is the privy to a red-hot fused glass Christmastime? How about a individualized pin , fused glass decorations, or holiday plates. All these objects can be accomplished in your kiln.

Turn on your kiln and warm up your household with a few fused glass Christmas delicacies. Tis the time to be inventive. Attire yourself and friends with extraordinary spicy pins. There are so many easy and ingenious designs you can design for Christmas.

To learn more about how to make these Xmas pieces, please visit the page on Fused Glass Christmas. New pages are being added all the time. Time permitting, I want to add even more holiday pins before this season passes. Today, I have also added new pages on How to Make Holly in 6 Easy Steps and Making a Personalized Christmas Pin

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Seasonal Pins

11/13/07 – Seasonal Pins

Added a page to the site with seasonal pins. New pins and ideas will be added as the various holidays roll around. The page currently has a bat pin for Halloween and a turkey for Thanksgiving. These can be made into pins, or use them to adorn a fused plate, bowl, pocket vase, etc.

To learn more about how to make these seasonal pieces, please visit the page on Seasonal Pins.


11/13/07 – Whimsical Turkey Pin

Dress up your Thanksgiving season with a whimsical turkey pin trusted to gobble up loads of attention. This endearing pin is brimming full of proportion and vividness.

Prior to Thanksgiving Day or during the day itself, hand your invitees and acquaintances a characteristic souvenir with this fused glass pin. This design requires utilizing a glass saw to prepare the bits of glass.

To read the step by step directions for making these seasonal pieces, please visit the page on Turkey Pin.

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Glass Bottle Art

Glass Bottle Art

11/08/07 – Glass Bottle Art

Inexpensive and easy to use, glass bottles make interesting pendants or slumped fused glass art. Only use one bottle at a time so that you don’t mix your glass. Although there is no variation of color in these, they still make unique pieces.

These pieces make wonderful gifts, or fantastic pieces to sell. I am making a batch to sell this weekend at a craft fair. The broken art pieces will be displayed on plate stands, while the pendants will be adorned with bails so that they can be worn on a necklace.

To learn more about how to make these simple pieces, please visit the page on Glass Bottle Art.

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