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Seasonal Pins

11/13/07 – Seasonal Pins

Added a page to the site with seasonal pins. New pins and ideas will be added as the various holidays roll around. The page currently has a bat pin for Halloween and a turkey for Thanksgiving. These can be made into pins, or use them to adorn a fused plate, bowl, pocket vase, etc.

To learn more about how to make these seasonal pieces, please visit the page on Seasonal Pins.


11/13/07 – Whimsical Turkey Pin

Dress up your Thanksgiving season with a whimsical turkey pin trusted to gobble up loads of attention. This endearing pin is brimming full of proportion and vividness.

Prior to Thanksgiving Day or during the day itself, hand your invitees and acquaintances a characteristic souvenir with this fused glass pin. This design requires utilizing a glass saw to prepare the bits of glass.

To read the step by step directions for making these seasonal pieces, please visit the page on Turkey Pin.

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