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Easter Seasonal Pins


03/23/08 – Time to arouse your imaginative juices and construct a few Easter Pins.  The Easter Page will help you determine some pin ideas for this holiday.  Create a few creative adornments that can embellish you, your family or acquaintances.

There is an adorable Peter Cottontail pin with a pattern to get you started.  This pattern does require the use of a glass saw to cut out the details in the bunny.  Or use coloring books for a few themes on other projects you could create and design.  Adjust the pattern to your desired size and cut out the design.

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St Patrick’s Day


03/12/08 – Today I finally finished some of the St Patrick’s Day pages. I am trying to add pins for each season on the Seasonal Pin page. These St Patrick’s Day Pins are great to give and wear to prevent getting pinched on March 17th. The Shamrock requires the use of a glass saw to cut out all the details on the four leaf clover. The scrap glass pin is very simple and just a suggestion of the things you can do with all those scrap pieces of glass.

St Patrick’s Day Pins

Scrap Glass Pin

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Organizing Your Glass

03/12/08 – Organizing your glass seems like a tedious task, but although most crafty individuals are not that organized (speaking for myself and a few of my friends here), it is important to keep your supplies where you can find them for future firings.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have looked for something I know I have, but just can’t put my hands on the item, because of not being organized.  This page will give you some simple items that will help you organize your glass fusing supplies.  For more information, please visit the page on Organize Your Glass.


Glass stringers are fun to add to your fusing projects, and there is an endless way these can enhance any project.  Rolling and twisting out of place seems to be a common problem with these round pieces. Learn how to tack fuse these glass pieces into place by visiting the Glass Stringers page for more information.

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03/03/08 – Vitrigraph is a hot procedure in glass fusing. Watching and maneuvering molten glass as it flow from the bottom of a raised and supported kiln is like magic.  This process requires a lot of setup and safety procedures.  Learn more about this magical way of pulling and cutting sizzling glass as it flows from the kiln.  Then uses these pieces in other glass fusing projects to add that one-of-a-kind look to your artwork.  Visit the page on Vitrigraph for more information.

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