Do You Want Bubbles?

04/08/08 – You may have been under the idea that an air bubble in fused glass is an unwanted matter. But, after discovering a couple of pieces where these blisters have been intentionally posed within a piece of fused glass you are starting to view them differently.

Entrapping air within glass for eternity has started to invoke creativity. But, rather than trying to preclude these smooth-textured forms, embrace them and place them in your fused pieces. They can even be encouraged to form and even be put in intended areas. Yes, you can intentionally trap air between levels of glass.

A list of different ways you can accomplish this technique can be found on the Do You Want Bubbles? page. Here are pages about the different methods:

  • Copper Mesh Method
  • Bubble Powder Method
  • Baking Soda Method
  • Textured Glass Method
  • Stringers Method
  • Grinder Method
  • Stacking Glass Method
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