Temperature Controller

06/19/08 – Well, after using a manual controlled kiln for a long time now, I have upgraded to a kiln with a temperature controller. I am still learning so much about this new kiln, and it will take time and lots of notes before I really feel comfortable again. But this kiln is much larger and really opens up the possibilities for so many more projects that can be accomplished.

Like so many individuals when starting out doing glass fusing, I was unfamiliar with just how important a controller was, and how much easier it would make the fusing process. Although I had done a lot of research when I started out, I felt that I would be ok with a manual kiln. Boy, what a headache that was, and so time consuming. Now I can concentrate more on my designs and projects and not as much time babysitting my kiln.

If you are unfamiliar with the advantages of a “Temperature Controller”, or are in the market for a new kiln, please check out this page.

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