Latest Projects

07/13/08 – I have been putting a few more pages up on my web site since summer is here, and it is too hot to go outside. So, I will stay inside and heat up the kiln. Here are a few things I have been working on this past week…

Painting on Glass with Glass – This is a simple way of decorating clear pieces of glass. I am planning on making sets of plates for Christmas presents, and this is an easy and quick way of achieving the same design over and over.

Glass Fusing Firing Log – The firing log has been updated and put together in a booklet. I was debating whether to just upload this as a downloadable file or have it made into a printable version. With the printable version, everything is bound together nicely and the printing is already done for you. So, I decided to go with the version that makes it easier for individuals. You can find it for sale at my Café Press store.

The Slumping Glass Bowl – This was a lot of fun to make and watch as the different segments came together. The colors are very complimentary, and the leaves have a sparkle glass that the picture doesn’t seem to pick up. It took a long time to anneal this piece because of the thickness.


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