Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paints

08/25/08 – Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paints – These paints are used after fusing to add color and that personal touch to your fused glass pieces. Pebeo Vitrea paints are cured and set up to a hard to remove layer inside a conventional oven. There is no need to re-fire the glass inside a kiln. Some of the techniques on using and applying these paints are discussed on the following pages.

Art Fused Glass Technique – Embossing glass then painting the cooled piece really adds a lot of depth. Emboss the glass inside the kiln and then use Vitrea 160 paints to accent and enhance the embossing.

Glass Painting with Pebeo Vitrea Paints – Fuse glass to a full fuse and then paint a design on the finished piece. Allow the paints to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before finishing the process in a conventional oven.

Hand Painted Fused Glass – Use Glassline paints to transfer an image onto a piece of glass before fusing the piece. Once it has cooled paint the drawn design using Pebeo Vitrea Paints. Then oven set the paints.

Try using these paints on your fusing projects. The process does take a little time for the paints to dry. There is a wait time of 24 hours before the paints can be placed inside the conventional oven to finish the process.


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