Fused Glass Bails

09/12/08 – Fused Glass Bails – There are many different choices in how you finish off your fused glass artwork. If you choose to turn this piece into a cabochon or pendant, what are your choices for bails? Here are a few suggestions:

Channel Bail – Making a channel or opening in the glass during the fusing process.

Charm Jewelry Bails– Charms can be added as the actual bail or as an adornment to a piece.

Glass Bail – These bails can be purchased in clear or black to fuse onto a glass pendant, or make them in any color you choose.

Gold or Silver Plated Bails – Bails that can be purchased and glued to a finished piece.

High Temp Wire Bails– A high temperature wire can be fused into the artwork during the firing process and used as a bail.

Pinch Bail – These bails require drilling a hole in a finished piece to attach.

PMC3 Bail – PMC is a very creative way of adding that special touch to any piece.

Rubber Channel Bail – Using a clear piece of rubber tubing to make a bail for jewelry.

Wire Wrapped Bail – Wire can be used to wrap a piece or add a bail.


  1. shoozles said

    :)) Thanks for mentioning the rubber channel. Have you tried it yet?

  2. Yes! It works fantastic!! Thanks for the idea!

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