Hardiebacker/Durock/Wonderboard – Cement Boards

09/20/08 – Cement Boards – When working with a hot kiln and molten glass, safety is always a concern. While recently taking another Vitrigraph class, they informed us about these different cement boards that even molten glass won’t burn.

In the previous class glass had fallen on the floor and left its mark, but fortunately didn’t start a fire. This time around they had the floor and table protected with some cement boards. The boards of choice were Hardiebacker (sometimes spelled Hardibacker) and Durock. The instructor preferred the Durock because it is completely concrete with an embedded fiber mesh on the top and bottom and does a fantastic job of insulating. He states that it is easily cut using a utility knife and then the board is just snapped like a piece of glass. All of these products can be purchased at your local hardware store.

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