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Creative Thanksgiving Crafts

10/29/08 – Creative Thanksgiving Crafts – Time to start thinking about all the things we are appreciative for in our lives.  Show the individuals that you care about how thankful you are for having them in you life during this Thanksgiving season.  What better way to show off your creative side by designing and creating some fused glass pins or dishware to share with your family and friends.

Some of the suggestions that will soon be added to the page are:

• Cornucopia
• Fall leaves
• Indian Corn
• Pilgrim
• Pilgrim Hat
• Pumpkin
• Pumpkin Pie
• Turkey
Whimsical Turkey Pin – An adorable yet whimsical turkey design that is sure to please all of your acquaintances.

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Stand Up Mold

10/25/08 – Stand Up Mold – Now this is a new and fantastic way to add some dimension and depth to your fusing projects.   Currently these are being offered by Delphi Glass.   They come in four different sizes and each one opens up enormous possibilities.   I purchased the 4.5 inch size and did an adorable Scottie dog for my friend, Sarah.  Make figures such as animals or people and make them stand up and really draw attention.

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More additions to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.

10/20/08 – Halloween Gift Ideas – I have been heating up the house fusing items to add to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.  The list is growing, but I don’t think I will have time to add any ore patterns to the page this month.  Here are some of the newest pages added today to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.

Some of the newest ideas listed are:

Cartoon Frankenstein“> – Added 10/20/08 – Cute in a freaky sort of way, and complete with his bolt sticking out of his neck. Check out this unique Halloween pin.

Red Candy Apples – Added 10/20/08 – This one makes your mouth drool. The gooey caramel is running warmly down the sides of this apple. It even has a few nuts!

Tombstone – Added 10/20/08 – Let them know you have a warped sense of humor with this tombstone pin.

Trick or Treat Halloween Bag – Added 10/20/08 – This pin looks like it is ready to be filled with lots of Halloween goodies.

Wicked Witch – Added 10/20/08 – Even complete with a wart on her nose and protruding chin. She is ready to adorn any outfit and put spells on anyone who crosses your path.

Witch Hat – Added 10/20/08 – The witch hat is a very recognizable symbol of Halloween. These are extremely simple to cu and fuse.

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Halloween Gift Ideas

10/13/08 – Halloween Gift Ideas – As the brisk winds of fall announce the upcoming Halloween festivities, it is time to get out the glass and warm up the house. I have been adding new patterns to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.

Some of the ideas that are currently listed are:

Bat – Added 10/13/08 – Very simple and easy to cut and assemble, this bat pin is perfect when you want to make a lot of pins in a short time. They do require the use of a glass saw, or you can purchase some pre-cut pieces if you don’t have a saw.

Wispy Black Spider – Added 10/13/08 – Personally, I don’t like spiders! They give me the willies, but these adorable pins have big yellow eyes that almost make them look sweet enough to wear on any outfit.

Candy Corn – Added 10/13/08 – What would Halloween be without sampling a few candy corn pieces along the way? These are fantastic for Halloween or for October 30th, which is known as National Candy Corn Day.

Halloween Cat – Added 10/13/08 – I enjoy making whimsical designs for the various holidays. This cute cat is hiding in a ghost costume, but his familiar outline gives him away.

Halloween Ghost – Added 10/14/08 – A typical ghost pattern and a slightly unusual design. These are fantastic for making pins or adding to another fused glass piece.

Jack-O-Lantern – Added 10/14/08 – This is a very simple Jack-O-Lantern pattern. Use Glassline paints to add the face, and a few stringers for the vines.

Scary Cat – Added 10/17/08 – With an arched back, this Scary Cat looks like he is ready to strike at any moment. This piece really draws the attention to any outfit you wear.

Spooky Mask – Added 10/17/08 – Basic mask patterns that can be adorned and designed to your liking.

Coming soon on the Halloween page:

• Candy
• Coffin
• Creepy Tree
• Crossbones
• Dracula
• Eerie Bat
• Frankenstein
• Goofy Pumpkin
• Grim Reaper
• Moon
• R.I.P
• Silly Witch
• Spider Web
• Trick or Treat Bag
• Witch
• Witch Hat

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