Halloween Gift Ideas

10/13/08 – Halloween Gift Ideas – As the brisk winds of fall announce the upcoming Halloween festivities, it is time to get out the glass and warm up the house. I have been adding new patterns to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.

Some of the ideas that are currently listed are:

Bat – Added 10/13/08 – Very simple and easy to cut and assemble, this bat pin is perfect when you want to make a lot of pins in a short time. They do require the use of a glass saw, or you can purchase some pre-cut pieces if you don’t have a saw.

Wispy Black Spider – Added 10/13/08 – Personally, I don’t like spiders! They give me the willies, but these adorable pins have big yellow eyes that almost make them look sweet enough to wear on any outfit.

Candy Corn – Added 10/13/08 – What would Halloween be without sampling a few candy corn pieces along the way? These are fantastic for Halloween or for October 30th, which is known as National Candy Corn Day.

Halloween Cat – Added 10/13/08 – I enjoy making whimsical designs for the various holidays. This cute cat is hiding in a ghost costume, but his familiar outline gives him away.

Halloween Ghost – Added 10/14/08 – A typical ghost pattern and a slightly unusual design. These are fantastic for making pins or adding to another fused glass piece.

Jack-O-Lantern – Added 10/14/08 – This is a very simple Jack-O-Lantern pattern. Use Glassline paints to add the face, and a few stringers for the vines.

Scary Cat – Added 10/17/08 – With an arched back, this Scary Cat looks like he is ready to strike at any moment. This piece really draws the attention to any outfit you wear.

Spooky Mask – Added 10/17/08 – Basic mask patterns that can be adorned and designed to your liking.

Coming soon on the Halloween page:

• Candy
• Coffin
• Creepy Tree
• Crossbones
• Dracula
• Eerie Bat
• Frankenstein
• Goofy Pumpkin
• Grim Reaper
• Moon
• R.I.P
• Silly Witch
• Spider Web
• Trick or Treat Bag
• Witch
• Witch Hat


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