More additions to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.

10/20/08 – Halloween Gift Ideas – I have been heating up the house fusing items to add to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.  The list is growing, but I don’t think I will have time to add any ore patterns to the page this month.  Here are some of the newest pages added today to the Halloween Gift Ideas page.

Some of the newest ideas listed are:

Cartoon Frankenstein“> – Added 10/20/08 – Cute in a freaky sort of way, and complete with his bolt sticking out of his neck. Check out this unique Halloween pin.

Red Candy Apples – Added 10/20/08 – This one makes your mouth drool. The gooey caramel is running warmly down the sides of this apple. It even has a few nuts!

Tombstone – Added 10/20/08 – Let them know you have a warped sense of humor with this tombstone pin.

Trick or Treat Halloween Bag – Added 10/20/08 – This pin looks like it is ready to be filled with lots of Halloween goodies.

Wicked Witch – Added 10/20/08 – Even complete with a wart on her nose and protruding chin. She is ready to adorn any outfit and put spells on anyone who crosses your path.

Witch Hat – Added 10/20/08 – The witch hat is a very recognizable symbol of Halloween. These are extremely simple to cu and fuse.


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