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Thanksgiving Turkey Design


11/19/08 – Thanksgiving Turkey – Another design added to the Thanksgiving seasonal page. Detailed and colorful this Thanksgiving turkey design will be desired by all of your family and friends so be sure to make plenty. Because of all the details, this design requires the use of a glass saw. Fuse them to a tack fuse to retain all the details.

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Pumpkin Pie


11/17/08 – Pumpkin Pie – Who wants more pumpkin pie? This delightful pin is a little on the heavy side, but it sure won’t put the weight on your body. Because of the three layers it takes to make this design, the pin is a little weighty. Be sure to secure it on your outfit by pinning it through your clothing and bra strap.

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11/15/08 – Pilgrim – Still adding more designs to the Thanksgiving patterns page.  This pilgrim has an ebullient expression with his bulging eyes, perky nose and warm smiling face.  Want to make these as pins or enhancements for your Thanksgiving glassware?   The simple pattern is included at the bottom of the page.

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Thanksgiving Cornucopia


11/14/08 – Thanksgiving Cornucopia – This Thanksgiving Cornucopia design is only complicated in the fact that you need to place your scrap glass in such a way that it will over lap and fused all the pieces together. This pattern uses a lot of tiny scrap glass pieces that can really add all the fall colors into the piece.

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Pumpkin Patch


11/13/08 – Pumpkin Patch – A pumpkin patch design that reminds me of the olden days when pumpkin stands were placed at the roadside. The family would drive out to these farms and select just the perfect pumpkin for making homemade pumpkin pies. These delightful pins will brighten up any holiday outfit and bring memories of those olden days.

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Pilgrim Hats


11/12/08 – Pilgrim Hats – These very distinctive designs couldn’t be mistaken for anything but pilgrim hats. Make them individually, or put them together to make some superb pins to hand out to all of your friends. The pattern is simple to cut out using a glass saw, and the elements are easy to add.

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Indian Corn


11/11/08 – Indian Corn – These are fun and simple replicas of Thanksgiving corn, or also referred to as Indian corn. It does require that you plan ahead and make the different colored dots that make up this ear of harvest corn. These would make adorable pins for all of your loved ones.

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