Glass Fusing Accessories

11/03/08 – Fusing Projects – Put up a new page to house all of the accessories that can be found on the site. When searching for those little extras in your fusing experience, they will now be found on this page.

This is the current list of items that can be now found on this page:

Warm Glass T-shirts and Accessories – Looking for apparel that lets others know your passion is glass fusing? Purchase t-shirts, mugs and other items related to glass fusing.

Glass Fusing Store – This is a local glass fusing store that not only has a fantastic selection of supplies, but a incredible staff to assist you in your purchases.

Glass Fusing Stores/Classes Reviews – Have you found a store or class that you would like to share with others? It isn’t always easy to find merchants or courses when you are first starting out in fusing, help others by letting them know of places that you would recommend.

Glass Fusing Supplier – Dick Blick is a great site for online purchases. There is a listing of some of the items that they offer for the glass fusing enthusiast.

Glass Fusing Books – Searching for the best books to enhance your fusing adventure? Find out what books are really helpful when starting out in glass fusing.

Magazines and Catalogs – Have magazines and catalogs delivered to your home. This is a list of magazines and catalogs that are available.

Rent DVDs – Can’t find a good class, or are they located too far from your home? Rent some DVDs that will enable you to bring the instruction and instructor to your villa.


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