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Powder Vibe


02/28/09 – Powder Vibe – Enameling can add a lot to your fused glass artwork.  The Powder Vibe instrument will assist in the application of this fine powder by allowing you to control the application.  This device comes with a vibrating dental pick and six brass tubes.  Use all safety precautions when attempting to work with enamels.

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02/16/09 – Patchwork Heart – Make these patchwork hearts in a variety of colors and design them to your unique specifications.  The pattern contains four pieces that can be cut out of complimentary colors.  Use paints or frit and stringers to add small details to the pieces.
This will be the last page added to the Valentine’s Day Pins page for this year, as February is coming to an end.  Many of these designs can be used all year long.

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Open Valentine Heart


02/16/09 – Open Valentine Heart – This design is fantastic for using up all of that left over scrap glass.  It is simple to obtain an open heart without the need of a specialized blade for cutting the glass.  Simply cut out the two pieces and overlap them so that the center of the heart remains open.
Love Hearts – This pattern is a take off of the conversational hearts that we all grew up passing around to all of our friends.  Put a few of the hearts together to form a pin or sprinkle them across a platter and fuse them into place.
Two new pages added to the Valentine’s Day Pins page.  For even more Valentine designs from years gone by, check it out.

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Arrow Through Heart


02/14/09 – Arrow Through Heart – Another new design for the Valentine’s Day Pins page.  This arrow through heart design makes us think of dear cupid as he pierces our hearts and helps us find our true love.  This pattern is very basic with just two simple parts that can be cut using a glass saw and the assembled and fired inside the kiln.

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Layered Valentine Hearts


02/13/09 – Layered Valentine Hearts – A simple, but elegant design where the layers can be tacked fuse to add some dimension, or fully fused to blend the colors evenly. Another design that has been placed on the Valentine’s Day Pins page.

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I Love You Handshape


02/09/09 – I Love You Handshape – The Iove you handshape is one of the most recognized hand signs in the world.  My children and grandchildren use this sign every time we are departing from each other.  This is the latest design on the Valentine’s Day Pins page.  Use either Glassline paints or Pebeo Vitrea paints to add details to the piece.

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