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Lucky Horse Shoe


03/18/09 – Lucky Horse Shoe – In some cultures it is believed that the ends of the horse shoe should be displayed with them pointing up to keep the good luck with you, while others believe that you should have the ends pointing downward so that the luck is spilled all over the blessed person.  Which ever way you decide to adorn this design, be sure to add a few 4-leaf clovers for even more luck.

For even more pattern suggestions, be sure to check out the St. Patrick’s Day page.

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Leprechaun Hat


03/17/09 – Leprechaun Hat – For even more St Patrick’s Day crafts, be sure to check out the main St. Patrick’s Day page. When looking at Leprechaun hats, you will find some that are almost top hat in shape, while others are more of a bowler look. There are patterns for each of these specific hats on the page, along with instructions on fusing the arrangement.

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Green Leprechaun Door


03/16/09 – Green Leprechaun Door – This simple Leprechaun door is the newest addition to the St. Patrick’s Day page. It is a very basic pattern with only three simple pieces. Adorn this design with paints or scrap glass.

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Looney Leprechaun Pattern


03/12/09 – Looney Leprechaun – Continuing to heat up the kiln and adding more patterns to the St. Patrick’s Day page.  This looney little guy will definitely help get you and all your friends in the St. Patty’s Day mood.  It does require that you have plenty of eyes and dots on hand to add the details to his smiling face.

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Simple Irish Tie


03/11/09 – Irish Tie – Adding more patterns to the St. Patrick’s Day page.  This one is a very simplistic tie design.  It is of course green and mine is accented with a couple of clovers.  These are extremely quick to cut and design.  Accent your pieces with some pieces of frit, scraps of glass, or glass paints to make them distinctively yours.

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Festive Green Vest


03/10/09 – Festive Green Vest – Time to dress up for the St. Patty’s Day holiday.  This cute little green vest, reminds us of a Leprechaun’s humorous apparel.  Dress up your outfit this St. Patrick’s Day adorning a fused green vest pin.  Directions and pattern for this design is located on the page.

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Frothy Green Beer Pattern


03/07/09 – Frothy Green Beer – Well, March is here and it is time to start adding designs to the St. Patrick’s Day page.   The first new pattern this year is this “Frothy Green Beer” pattern.  Drinking green beer has become a new tradition on St. Patty’s Day, and to celebrate this tradition is this cute clear mug filled with green glass.  Layer and make these for all your friends and family.

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