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Rabbit Face Pattern


04/23/09 – Rabbit Face – Well, this is the final project for the Easter Craft page for this particular year. A very simple rabbit face design that can be decorated with frit, stringers, dots or Glassline paints. Make them any color bunny you desire. They can be black, white, pink, tan or dark brown.

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Marshmallow Peeps


04/20/09 – Marshmallow Peeps – Wrapping up the final designs to be placed on the Easter Craft page for this year.  This particular pattern is extremely basic and so easy to accomplish.  The familiar design can be turned into adornments for your wearing apparel or fused into a special Easter platter for all your holiday goodies.

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Lilium Longiflorum Flower Pattern


04/15/09 – Lilium Longiflorum – This beautiful flower pattern is being added to the Easter Craft patterns page.  Lilium Longiflorum is the official name for the Easter Lily.  This is not the usual flower pattern that you would normally find for this particular flower, but more a view of the petal of this symbol of hope and life.

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Carrot Craft Pattern


04/14/09 – Carrot Craft – Easter is over for this year, but more designs are still being added to the Easter Craft patterns page.   This very simple and basic carrot design would make a fantastic Easter pin, but it would also look superb fused into a Spring platter for any gatherings with friends and family.

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Easter Chicks Pattern


04/13/09 – Easter Chicks – Easter is over for this year, but since it is still April, I will continue to finish up the Easter Craft ideas. This little guy is round like an Easter egg. He has two pointed feet, big round eyes and his familiar orange beak. This is really a cute design and one of my favorite for Easter…I hope it is one of your favorite patterns also.

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Funny Bunny Pin


04/11/09 – Easter Bonnet – Easter is right around the corner now, and I need to finish up all my Easter Craft ideas for this holiday.  If you have noticed over the various holidays, there is usually one that is a little comical compared to the others.  This funny bunny fits that criterion. He has large buck teeth that add a little wit to the design.

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Easter Bonnet Pattern


04/10/09 – Easter Bonnet – Continuing to fuse and add designs to the Easter Craft page. Spring is in the air and it is time to fuse a few more Easter patterns. This tiny bonnet is very simple to make with just three layers of circles neatly stacked on top of each other to give the illusion of a ribbon around the rim. Use tiny dots or scraps of glass to adorn the hat.

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Easter Basket Pattern


04/09/09 – Easter Basket Craft – Another new pattern that has been added to the Easter Craft page. This is a very basic basket pattern that can be filled with your desired pieces. Add some tiny Easter eggs and some frit for grass to enhance the piece. I have only added two eggs, but you can fill your basket if desired. As with all the designs on the site, the pattern is located at the bottom of this page.

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Chocolate Bunny


04/08/09 – Chocolate Bunny – Continuing to add more patterns to the Easter Craft page. This is a very familiar design. Your Easter basket would be incomplete without a tall dark chocolate bunny standing tall among all the foil wrapped candy and hard boiled eggs. Now you can make your Easter outfit complete by wearing this adorable pin on Easter day.

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Chick and Egg Pattern


04/07/09 – Chick and Egg – The first pattern added to the Easter Craft page. Cute and cuddly is the best way to describe this baby chick hatching out of his egg. He is an early hatchling, because he is still sitting inside the shell, and is wearing a small piece of this shield as a hat. This is another very basic pattern. It only involves 3 colors, white for the egg, yellow for the chick and orange for the chick’s beak. Use either a dot or Glassline paints to add an eye.

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