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Graduation Diploma Pattern


06/26/09 – Graduation Diploma – This will be the last pattern added to the Scholastic Graduation page for this year. The prize at any graduation is the graduation diploma.   Usually these are made out of white glass and I have used Glassline paints to add some details.  Make this pattern as pins or fused into some other project for the graduation celebration.

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Graduation Cap


06/25/09 – Graduation Cap -Continuing to add pages to the Scholastic Graduation page. This is a very simple and easy graduation cap to create. Be sure you have a pre-fused dot to add to the top of the tassel before firing this piece. Make the tassel a color that is correct for the graduation school.

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Cap and Diploma Pattern


06/24/09 – Cap and Diploma -The first pattern added to the Scholastic Graduation page. This is a very recognizable theme for any graduation celebration.  It is very easy to put together and fuse.  Use Glassline paints to add small details before firing.  Make sure to create a tassel that is color appropriate for the particular school.

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Scholastic Graduation Page


06/23/09 – Scholastic Graduation – June is also the end of the school year and the beginning of the hot summer months.  This scholastic graduation page will hold patterns related to this festive time.   For this particular year, there are three patterns that will be addressed and place on this page.  Check back over the next few days as these additions are made and linked.

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Father’s Day Shirt and Tie Pattern


06/22/09 – Shirt and Tie – This will be the last pattern added to the Father’s Day page for this particular year. It is a simple yet really adorable pattern that can be adorned for your particular needs. Add pieces of stringers, frit, etc to make the design uniquely yours. As with the other patterns in this particular group, they can be fused to adorn any Father’s Day project.

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Golf Bag Design


06/20/09 – Golf BagFather’s Day is quickly approaching here in the United States. This design is for those fathers who love golf. A quick little golf bag with the golf clubs sticking out the top would look fabulous added to any project.  Finish firing up your projects so that you can celebrate this special day with Dad.

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Father’s Day Tie


06/18/09 – Fathers Day Tie – Yes, it is Father’s Day, and of course you want to give him another tie. I am placing a few Father’s Day items on the site for the month of June. This particular design is very basic and so easy to assemble. It would look fantastic on a platter, or fused onto any Father’s Day fused gift idea.

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Cutter Oil


06/17/09 – Cutter Oil – I am still adding some items that will help explain some of the Tools and Supplies needed in preparing for glass fusing. This particular page talks about cutter oil, the different types of oils that can be used and why there is a need for this oil in cutting glass.

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Glass Pliers


06/16/09 – Glass Pliers – I am working on adding more information to the site and fine tuning different areas. Currently, I am working on the Tools/Materials page. This new page is designed to assist individuals that are new to glass cutting. It explains what the different pliers are and how they are used in cutting and preparing glass for fusing.

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