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Candy Cane

12/31/09 – Candy Cane – This candy cane pattern will be the last item added to the Fused Glass Christmas page for this year. Most candy canes are made by twisting canes of candy together. This pattern uses Glassline paints to draw scarlet lines across the white glass. Flakes of frit are then sprinkled over the paint to add some dimension and depth to the piece. Allow the paint to dry completely and gently remove any stray flakes of frit from the piece. Add a few holly leaves and a berry or two before finally fusing the glass inside the kiln.

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Three Christmas Trees

12/30/09 – Three Christmas Trees – A very basic triangle pattern that is cut in various colors of glass. The three triangles are then put together to make up the three Christmas trees. Decorate each tree with any of your desired adornments. Use stringers, frit, scrap glass or even glass paint to embellish each individual tree. Line them up in a straight line or they can be tiered in any way preferred.

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Santa’s Sleigh

12/29/09 – Santa’s Sleigh – Filled with your desired gifts and presents, this Santa’s Sleigh pattern can be customized to any desired look. I have used a pilot pin to accent and add the tiny details on my piece. This is another pattern that is really great for using up all that scrap glass. A pulled piece of glass can be used for the runner, cut and bend a rod, or cut a piece of glass for the piece. Personalize the piece with a name if desired.

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Peppermint Candy

12/27/09 – Peppermint Candy – A swirled red and white stripped peppermint candy pattern that can be turned into a unique spicy pin or fused into any other project for the holiday season. You can almost taste the peppermint when viewing this finished piece. Brought to a full fuse, the colors melt into each other making this piece look like a piece of peppermint candy ready to be popped into your mouth. Wouldn’t this also be a nice accent on a fused platter filled with your holiday treats?

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Personalized Christmas Ornaments

12/22/09 – Personalized Christmas Ornaments – There is something special about a keepsake Christmas present and personalized Christmas ornaments can fit that bill. Adjust the pattern for your particular size need. Add a high temperature wire so that they can be hung from the Christmas tree, make personalized place settings, or fused the design into other fused projects. They can be personalized using either Glassline paints or adorn them after firing.

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Holly Jolly Christmas

12/20/09 – Holly Jolly Christmas – Time to have a holly jolly Christmas with this colorful holly branch design. I have turned this piece into a pin design for the holidays, but it would really look adorable fully fused into a platter for all those Christmas goodies. Use several different colors of green to add character to the piece. Glassline paints or a silver pilot pin is fantastic to add veins to the leaves. Before assembling the piece, red dots need to be made for the berries.

I am wrapping up the Christmas holiday season, and there are lots of pattern ideas on the Fused Glass Christmas page. Check it out!

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Xmas Present

12/18/09 – Xmas Present – This is just a simple angled square pattern that can be decorated as a Xmas Present. Use some glass paints to add any fine details, and other embellishments such as scrap glass, frit or stringers to enhance the design. It can be personalized if desired with either a name or special saying.

Be sure to investigate the Fused Glass Christmas page for more Christmas patterns.

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Cozy Christmas Fireplace

12/17/09 – Cozy Christmas Fireplace – Brisk winter nights sitting by a brightly decorated Christmas fireplace just warms the heart and reminds us of the joy of this season. This fireplace design can be simple or decorated with your desired pieces to make it uniquely yours. Use Glassline paints or pieces of scrap to add your individual details.

For even more fusing Christmas patterns, be sure to investigate the Fused Glass Christmas page.

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Christmas Cat Pattern

12/14/09 – Christmas Cat – Well, Christmas is right around the corner and I am beginning to add some patterns for the holiday. The first pattern is for this quick and easy Christmas Cat. There are only 4 pieces to this pattern and it is fast enough to whip up in no time at all.
More patterns will be added in the following weeks. If you are aspiring to fused up some Christmas gifts for the holidays, be sure to check out the Fused Glass Christmas page.

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