Kemper Fluid Writer

01/28/10 – Kemper Fluid Writer Pen – The Kemper Pen, also acknowledged as the Kemper Fluid Writer Pen, is a terrific instrument for signing art or adding small items to fused glass. They can be purchased in two dissimilar sizes. The big size creates a mark that is like to employing an extra-fine Sharpie; whilst the little size of it is comparatively superfine, similar to a crow-quill pen. These may be bought online or at a ceramic supply store.

Contrary to an average pen used for penning, this tool is consisted of a cup to accommodate the fluid and a little empty tube jutting out from the bottom of the cup. The littler pen has a fine line steel tip with an opening of around 1/ 64 inch diameter, whilst the bigger one has a broad line steel tip with and opening of about 1/32 inch diameter.


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