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Winged Heart Project

02/12/10 – Winged Heart – This winged heart shape can have a lot of dissimilar and various significances. The heart can either stand for love or truth, though the angelic wings may represent hope. Collectively they appear to characterize loving or truthful hope.

The angelic wings appear to be holding up or enfolding the heart, holding it secure while simultaneously elevating it upwards. There are a lot of diverse blueprints for angel wings. Discover them in coloring books or on the internet. You can alter the visual aspect altogether merely by varying the style of the wings applied. How you determine to create this winging heart figure is completely up to you and what you would wish the project to symbolize.

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Etched Cupid

02/11/10 – Etched Cupid – Cupid, in Latin he is called Cupido, which stands for desire. He’s a easily recognized image for Valentine’s Day. With angelical wings on his bare torso, he stands up full-length drawing his bow occupied with a lovemaking dart. He’s set up to shoot this pointy dart into the heart and soul of an unaware person to prompt and awaken some amatory love.

This silhouetted form has been engraved into dichroic to attain a bold statement. The dichroic glass bears a black backing then it’s been crowned with clear glass. Fusing a clear cap on the piece contributes more depth and dimension.

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Linked Hearts for Valentine’s Day

02/09/10 – Linked Hearts – Similar to a string of a baby’s toy, these trinity of linked hearts are united collectively. There’s merely something playful about hearts that are linked up to one another.

Separately these hearts are not solidified, but have the middle cut down so that they’re empty and open. When posed on the kiln ledge, they are then overlapped and that brings about the effect of being interlaced. While trimming the design, delve the center of the heart and cut as near as achievable to the external boundary. This open heart pattern will enable you to really link the individual bits together.

Create the hearts out of whatever coloring you want, or separately cut each one out of dissimilar colors. When finished, connect the pieces and position them so that you attain an open and satisfying appearance. This figure is a lovable Valentine project regardless of how you layer them.

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Romantic Love Design

02/08/10 – Romantic Love Design – Merely entitled Romantic Love, this project can be applied for any interpersonal attraction. Adorn it on any outfit as you bear a feeling of hefty fondness whether it is romantic or platonic love. Because the word love could signify various attitudes and emotions, this pattern may be donned all year.

Each alphabetic character is separately cut out of glass. And then overlap the pieces so they’ll be fused into the final art work. I’ve altered mine simply a trifle by placing a heart instead of the “o” in the word. Twist around the letters a little to add some interest to the piece.

While it appears I have cut the letters out of varied types of glass, they are in reality cut from the very same piece of glass. By simply turning the glass over, it acquires a dissimilar hue. Become imaginative with your project.

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Kissing Lips Pattern

02/07/10 – Kissing Lips – This is a project for some kissing lips that are puckered and ready for kissing. They create a lovable and significant figure for Valentine’s Day. Virtually all mouths are delicate and mobile, but these will stay in this affectionate position regardless of what you employ them for.

First decide what tinge you want prior to starting the projection. Because these are lips, they may be made in your preferred lipstick color.

The middle of the lips can be attained by utilizing Glassline paints. Cutting the small and toothed lines would be too awkward to accomplish employing a glass saw.

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Laced Heart

02/05/10 – Laced Heart – Laced up taut and prissy, this costumed heart is an entertaining method to observe Saint Valentine’s Day. Gift these to all your acquaintances when you need to say “Will you be my Valentine”.

The lacing prompts images of an outmoded corset with its zigzag form. The lacing could be created by employing stringers or Glassline paint. I’ve applied black to contribute a different secondary stripe of color, but as with each of the practices, the color could be altered to your wanted tinge.

There are dots applied to suggest the brackets that the lacing is threaded through. Make certain you’ve enough dots available prior to commencing the undertaking.

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Frit of Love

02/04/10 – Frit of Love – I call this design, Frit of Love. Merely stated this model is a empty piece of glass that is decorated with glass powder and colorful petite clumps of glass scattered all over the piece.

I’ve laid it on a rectangle slab of glass, but it can be arranged on any figure, like a Valentine heart, oval, circle, etc. And you could write any wanted phrase.

This is actually very easy to achieve, but scan through the instructions to resolve any inquiries you could have on the procedure. Make sure the rubber eraser is fresh before scratching it through the glass powder.

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Two Hearts

02/03/10 – Two Hearts – Two hearts that are unusual separately in form, sizing and figure, but are melded jointly for this distinguishing assemble. The crowning agape heart seems to be penetrating through the lowest solidified crimson heart.

When cut, position the solid heart somewhat beneath the open heart so that both pieces are contacting. This will allow the pieces to become a solid piece when fused.

There are several ways you can construct this pattern and make it a one-of-a-kind piece, besides the usual of changing the tinges of the hearts. Change the appearance by drilling a few small holes before fusing and inserting some Cubic Zirconia pieces.

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Butterfly Heart

02/02/10 – Butterfly Heart – This dainty butterfly heart figure is prepared to fan out its wings for a flickering Saint Valentine’s Day. The annexes of this butterfly are entirely completed with hearts. Employ several colors to impart some interest and depth to the artwork. The glass can be adorned with some frit, dots, scraps of glass, and stringers.

The butterfly wings are designed out of dissimilar shades of purple and pink. Stringers have been applied to represent the antennae, a dot to constitute the head and a denser piece of black glass for the body. Small bits of frit were scattered across the lower heart wings for embellishing intents.

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Angel Heart

02/01/10 – Angel Heart – This particular blueprint is for an angel heart pattern. On outspread wings, this small petite angel is carrying a heart way above her head. Hearts and angels seem to go hand-in-hand with the Valentine’s Day holiday.

This new-sprung design comprises of four pieces and assemblage is rather easy. The pattern could be adapted to accommodate your special requirements. Her petite little clothes may be cut out of any hue of glass and adorned if wanted. In addition contingents could be added to the face. Glassline paints, stringers or frit can be used to impart any ornamentation.

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