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Easter Egg Nest Design

03/30/10 – Easter Egg Nest – Create a catching presentment this year when donning this endearing Easter egg nest pin. Everyone knows that Easter eggs are not really put into our nests by the Easter bunny, but yet every Easter we still expect to find these adorned goodies in downy bird-like nests.

To impart a little dimension to the piece, add a some frit or stringers. The Easter nest will be bland and not as exciting as it will be with a couple of added ornamentations.

The petite itty-bitty eggs could be adorned also. Apply some Glassline frit, paints or additional pieces to enhance the design.

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Easter Cross Pattern

03/29/10 – Easter Cross – The Easter cross possesses numerous meanings for many of the Christian festivals. Easter isn’t observed on the same Sunday every year. It’s viewed a mobile holiday that’s not fastened to a particular day.

This cross stands for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the symbolization reminds us of his death. It’s a hallowed symbolization that stands for trust in this event.

Decorate the cross with some white lilies and it will emphatically represent Easter. Leave it unadorned, however and it could be adorned all year long to exhibit your faith in Christianity.

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Leprechaun Pot of Gold Pattern for St. Patrick’s Day

03/15/10 – Leprechaun Pot of Gold – The Leprechaun pot of gold is a significant piece of the Leprechaun fable. It’s told that a Leprechaun is caught, he must gift you his prize of gold. It’s also told that at the ending of a rainbow is where his obscure loot can be located.

This design is among my preferred pot of gold crafts. I’ve made pots out of paper, and clay. Now you can make a pot of gold out of glass. The project consists of the blacken pot, the treasure of gold and in this pattern a clover applied as a decoration. Use your imagination to adorn the pot any way you’d like. Stringers, Glassline or frit can be added to the pattern.

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Leprechaun Shoes

03/11/10 – Leprechaun Shoes – These Leprechaun shoes are the perfect addition to your St. Patrick’s Day attire. Although they are just a tad whimsical, they are sure to grab attention. The design can be turned into a pin or enlarged and fused into another St Patty’s Day project.

Leprechauns are recognized as shoe tinkerers, who relish executing practical capers. His typical garments are comprised of his square-cut jacket, swaggered hat and naturally his shoemaker shoes.

The underside of the piece is created employing black glass and the top side of the shoe is cut using brown or tan glass. Yellow glass is used to imply the tiny buckle.

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Irish Plaques Patterns

03/10/10 – Irish Plaques Patterns – The Irish plaques are specific and individualist to every family line. During the 19th Century, they decorated numerous saloons. These personal pub signs would constitute a very imaginative pen design for Saint Patrick’s Day. Produce different and assorted Irish plaques for each of your acquaintances.

There are several arched figures that may be utilized to plan your personal Irish sign. Be conventional in the inscription trend to that of quaint Irish. Used Glassline paints to add your wording and add elements like a shamrock, beer mug, etc. to embellish the piece.

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Kiss Me I’m Irish Pattern

03/09/10 – Kiss Me I’m Irish – This Kiss Me I’m Irish design embodies one of the favorite Irish slogans during this time of year. You encounter it commonly posted on circular metal pins. It is adorned as one of the many Irish signs that St. Patrick’s Day is here. That does not imply you could not compose whatever wanted slogans upon this piece. You just might get lucky while donning this Irish design!

Create the green shamrock out of a single piece of green glass. I have made mind out of a transparent piece of green glass. This makes writing the wording a lot easier. Use Glassline paints to add the lettering. With Glassline paints the cleanup is simple. Use a toothpick or other object to clean up any stray paint around the letters.

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Flag of Ireland Design

03/08/10 – Flag of Ireland Design – Demonstrate your endorsement of St. Patrick’s Day by putting on a flag of Ireland, also recognized as the Irish tricolor. Comprised of three equivalent rectangles, colors of the Irish flag are green, orange, and white. These balanced strips of tinges are aligned vertically. This design bears a trifle roll in the project to impart more charm and interest.

A background piece is necessary so that the pieces will all fuse together in the kiln. A solid white piece could be used and then you would only need to cut out the orange and green colors. I have added some stringers to the piece to assure that the flag and pole are fused together. A large dot is used to make the top of the flag pole.

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Heart Petal Seamrog Pattern

03/07/10 – Heart Petal Seamrog Pattern – This project is for a dark-green three leafed seamrog also recognized as a shamrock. It’s constructed with heart shaped petals. This clover leaf figure is generally worn as a pin on a lapel. Donning this St Patrick’s Day shamrock dates from approximately 1681.

The heart formed foliage and stalk are created using any tinge of green glass. Utilize some varicolored green to bring even additional interest to the composition. A large dot is applied in the middle of this particular piece. Use some Glassline paints to apply the feeling of a little light shining off of the heart petals.

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Blarney Stone Design

03/06/10 – Blarney Stone – Smooching the Blarney Stone furnishes the kisser with eminent fluency or the acquirement of being flattering. This St Patty’s Day project is really simple and elementary to build.

The rock itself is made with one concrete piece that may be heightened with several Glassline paints. A small amount of forage about the bottommost boundary applies some depth to the design. This custom began in the later 18th Century, or earlier in the 19th Century. Blarney has come to imply flattering or clever. Therefore, pass on a small blarney to each of your acquaintances this holiday.

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Irish Harp

03/04/10 – Irish Harp – Where you aware that the Irish people position the harp upon the left shoulder so that it is placed over the heart? The Irish harp with its beautiful and delicate tone is played now in spite of being rebuffed and disallowed for centuries. Harpers were strung up for this artistry in ancient days. Just like Irish people themselves, they presently flourish everywhere.

Apply a bit of black Glassline paint and/or a few dots to bestow some fine details to the art piece. Make sure to partly cover the two separate harp pieces to guarantee that they fuse together.

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