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Boiled Glass

04/17/10 – Boiling Glass – Boiling glass, also called boiled glass is a high fire procedure that’s executed within a kiln. While glass does not boil in the same way water boils, whenever heated up to a piercing enough temperature, a lot of glass will lose elements in its composition and begin to vaporize. This age-old Klaus Moje process produces what is like boiling glass.

Roughly the most beneficial facts on the web concerning this operation are the TechNotes #4 by Bullseye. If you view the remarks on “Heat and Glass” you’ll discover that they demonstrate with a graph that shows what occurs as glass becomes hotter within the kiln. Between 1600-1700 degrees Fahrenheit burps start to appear from the lowest layer and up through the surface level.

When the glass becomes hotter, entrapped bubbles start to ascend to the top surface. This is induced by the advanced temperature within the kiln and the chemical alterations in the glass when it starts to become more liquid. When the bubbles start displacing toward the top surface they pull the coloration upwards through the assorted levels. So, while the glass in reality does not boil, the protruding bubbles impart a visual aspect of boiling the glass.

Boiled glass can be fabulously uncertain. A few people will say that glass will not boil, but attempt this process and you’ll become a believer. Through the usage of advanced heat the lowest colorations bubble up to the crown level. In this technique, they impart their individual key signature and create exceptional blueprints in the glass.

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Earth Day Projects

04/16/10 – Earth Day – Earth Day is almost here and what a great way to make some designs to make others aware of this critical date. Earth Day is really like the World Environment Day. Both of these days are fashioned to awaken regard and gratitude to the Earth about us. Protecting the globe originally became an event during the 1960’s once individuals awakened to the truth that mankind was ruining and inducing mayhem on the environment.

The beginning day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere falls on April 22, and it’s also the premier day of Fall in the Southern hemisphere. This day was selected to observe worldwide, and to assist everyone in becoming remindful of how everyone can help preserve our globe.

While this festivity has been about for a while causing individuals to be mindful of the grandness is still required. Demonstrate your patronage and help salvage our Mother Earth for coming generations.
This specific page will display designs and patterns that may be employed to produce items in junction with your endorsement. Work the models into pivots that may be donned on April 22nd or fuse them into presents to devote to acquaintances and family.

The first and only pattern added this year is the Plant a Tree Design – This design only takes a few pieces of glass and some stringers. It will make an adorable pin to wear on Earth Day. Make plenty to give to all your friends and family.

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Puffy Glass Effect

04/11/10 – Puffy Glass Effect – This puffy glass figure bears a darkish green crest layer with gentle pallid green foliage bulging through the top layer. The unique and attractive construction has a delicate bloated 3-D texture. While it appears challenging to accomplish, it is actually exceedingly elementary.

You will want to decide the glass and pattern you’d like to employ. I first chose the chromatic foggy glass and the clearer light-green translucent glass. I imagined that foliage on a long shank would seem fantastic with these hues.

Employ the figure offered at the bottom of this page, or you are able to construct a stencil utilizing circles, blossoms, hearts, stars or any blueprint that you’d wish to duplicate. They’ll need to be either falling from a strand like dangling or suspended on an arched line so that they could be cut with a glass saw. Construct a few of the figures big, medium and small to bring a lot of interest to the art object.

Decide which one of the details you want to expand. You could construct all of them puffy if wanted, but I believe just having some amplified introduces a lot of charm to the figure.

Utilizing fiber paper is the key to supplying the raised 3-D visual aspect. Layering several sizes of it will grant the assemble a more pear-shaped effect.

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Stringer Bowl Project

04/08/10 – Stringer Bowl – Interweaving glass stringers to create a stringer bowl calls for time and forbearance. You’ll require a couple of bundles of stringers, glue or hairspray and one of your glass slumping forms.

Glass stringers arrive in an assortment of tinges. The beginning step in this operation is to decide the hues you would like to apply to construct your project. A hint would be to utilize one darker color and quite a few clearer or see-through hues. Utilizing too many dark colorations will not permit the complex radiation pattern to be seen.

Buy at the least one tubing of clearly transparent glass to construct a few of the levels and to pose in the design. The see-through clear glass will assist you in viewing the pattern in the completed merchandise.
I’ve created a YouTube video recording to demonstrate the various steps in accomplishing this project. Follow the video recording and scan the directions.

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Comb Honey Design

04/05/10 – Comb Honey – This Comb Honey design will give your glass the appearance of a honeycomb or swiss cheese. It is an extremely easy process and I have even included a YouTube video that shows you each individual step, going from a blank piece of glass, cutting the glass, adding the embellishments, fusing the piece, and to the final project.

If you would like to check out just the YouTube video here it is…enjoy!

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Fancy Egg Design

04/04/10 – Fancy Egg – Are you fascinated with creating a fancy egg for the Easter holiday? This is a graciously big egg shape. Grace the egg with components like frit, stringers, Glassline paints, etc. Or merely impart a boastfully bow for a primary yet very exquisite visual aspect. View the pattern at the bottom of the page to bestow a bow on the piece.

Easter just would not be the same without a couple of Easter Eggs. Who does not enjoy donning gala pins for the holiday? They will not want to be scampering about a dewy moist lawn on Easter dawn seeking Easter eggs while they don one of these. With this effortless shape you can create eggs for everybody this holiday season.

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Duck Egg Pattern

04/03/10 – Duck Egg – This new pattern is for a delightful duck egg design. This delicate gentleman is just taking a glimpse out of his newly hatched egg. Perhaps he is speculating what his future possesses. He might be wondering if he will someday become a dabbling duck, a diving duck, or someday be consumed for a unique occasion.

His delightful Anatidae mug is glancing out of the cracked egg with two darting eyeballs and an extremely hefty brilliant orange bill. The eggshell that encases him can be garnished for the Easter holiday.

Encircle him with any shade of egg color. Apply a mixture of trimmings to trim and decorate the egg. If you look at the picture, I have used Glassline paints to bejewel my eggshell.

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Duckface Project

04/02/10 – Duckface – Everybody will go quackery all over this Duckface project. With spring in the air it’s time for all the lovable infant creatures to arrive, and also this quacky duck face design. Baby ducks and chicks seem to be the theme during this time of the year, only create room for this wacky guy.

This Easter duck is a really primary and easy figure. He has an enormously boastfully platypus type of bill seated in the middle of his ample yellowed duck head. Utilize 2 dots for the eyeballs or the blueprint below and a little Glassline paints. Paint the dots in the eyes, two blobs on the nose and a crease on the crest of his bill.

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Easter Egg Chicken Design

04/01/10 – Easter Egg Chicken – This itsy-bitsy Easter egg chicken boasts a brilliant orange snout, looney legs, adorned body and a couple of suspension feet. An Easter egger that’s sprucely appareled Easter chick. He’s prepared to observe the Easter season.

He has an empty ring about his abdomen that could be bejeweled and embellished to fit your wanted appearance. Apply a few bowed or split stringers, dots, frit, etc. to heighten the visual aspect.

The legs could be cut from glass or utilize a few bent rods and then just fuse them to the piece. A different way to create this zigzag aspect could be to bond a few pipe cleaners after the piece is firing. They could be twisted and bent to apply you a real contrary and fascinating appearance.

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