Puffy Glass Effect

04/11/10 – Puffy Glass Effect – This puffy glass figure bears a darkish green crest layer with gentle pallid green foliage bulging through the top layer. The unique and attractive construction has a delicate bloated 3-D texture. While it appears challenging to accomplish, it is actually exceedingly elementary.

You will want to decide the glass and pattern you’d like to employ. I first chose the chromatic foggy glass and the clearer light-green translucent glass. I imagined that foliage on a long shank would seem fantastic with these hues.

Employ the figure offered at the bottom of this page, or you are able to construct a stencil utilizing circles, blossoms, hearts, stars or any blueprint that you’d wish to duplicate. They’ll need to be either falling from a strand like dangling or suspended on an arched line so that they could be cut with a glass saw. Construct a few of the figures big, medium and small to bring a lot of interest to the art object.

Decide which one of the details you want to expand. You could construct all of them puffy if wanted, but I believe just having some amplified introduces a lot of charm to the figure.

Utilizing fiber paper is the key to supplying the raised 3-D visual aspect. Layering several sizes of it will grant the assemble a more pear-shaped effect.


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