Earth Day Projects

04/16/10 – Earth Day – Earth Day is almost here and what a great way to make some designs to make others aware of this critical date. Earth Day is really like the World Environment Day. Both of these days are fashioned to awaken regard and gratitude to the Earth about us. Protecting the globe originally became an event during the 1960’s once individuals awakened to the truth that mankind was ruining and inducing mayhem on the environment.

The beginning day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere falls on April 22, and it’s also the premier day of Fall in the Southern hemisphere. This day was selected to observe worldwide, and to assist everyone in becoming remindful of how everyone can help preserve our globe.

While this festivity has been about for a while causing individuals to be mindful of the grandness is still required. Demonstrate your patronage and help salvage our Mother Earth for coming generations.
This specific page will display designs and patterns that may be employed to produce items in junction with your endorsement. Work the models into pivots that may be donned on April 22nd or fuse them into presents to devote to acquaintances and family.

The first and only pattern added this year is the Plant a Tree Design – This design only takes a few pieces of glass and some stringers. It will make an adorable pin to wear on Earth Day. Make plenty to give to all your friends and family.


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