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Millefiori Geckos

05/27/10 – Millefiori Geckos – Geckos are cute little lizards. This one is covered with millefiori pieces to add color and dimension to the piece. Even his little eyes and nose were created using the “Spring Mix Millefiori Assortment” from Delphi Glass.

Millefiori is simple to use even though the pieces are not evenly cut. They can be sanded down if necessary, or try turning them over to see if the other side is flatter. They are kept in place using a little unscented hairspray.

I fired the piece slowly since the millefiori glass has previously been heated and the thickness is greater than the flat body glass. They were taken up at about 300 degrees per hour and held at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes to allow all of the glass to even out in temperature.

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05/26/10 – Millefiori – Just received my package of millefiori from Delphi Glass. What a colorful selection of tiny pieces. This group is from the newest addition to their selection. It is called the “Spring Mix Millefiori Assortment”. They have quite a selection of millefiori.

The name “millefiori” means “a thousand flowers” and that is what these look like. Petite tiny round glass flowers in beautiful spring colors. They are all tiny, and I think the largest piece is about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Before these arrived in the mail, I was busy deciding what would be a nice pattern to decorate with these pieces. They can be added to just about any design, but most individuals use them to make pendants. I didn’t want anything usual and I think the one I picked is perfect.

I have designed my pattern, cut my glass and decorated the piece with these tiny accents. It is currently fusing inside the kiln and as usual I am anxiously awaiting it to cool down so that I can view the piece.

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Pizza Plate Design

05/20/10 – Pizza Plate Design – This conception for a pizza plate was created employing an unfinished ceramic bisque piece. Though there is a ceramic form on the market that you may also buy for this same intention, buying bisqueware is not as high-priced.

When buying a slump form for this pizza pie project, you’ll pay approximately $16.27. Then again, purchasing a bisqueware piece and boring a few holes will cost you around $5.62 each. This is a substantial savings!

You may create a lot of these for acquaintances or household members. Apply brownish Glassline paints to individualize the assemble and bestow the look of toasting crispy borders.

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Unpainted Ceramic Bisque

05/15/10 – Unpainted Ceramic Bisque – Bisqueware or unpainted ceramic bisque is ceramic figures that have been preconditioned and is forthwith available to paint. It’s mud that’s been poured into greenware, cleansed and kindled.

These compositions can occasionally be utilized as a ceramic cast for glass slumping. This completely depends upon the individual part. Whenever there are regions where the glass could get stuck and lodged then it wouldn’t be desirable for fusing intentions.

There are a bunch of forms on the marketplace, but the options broaden once you entertain employing bisqueware. Additionally the cost for bisque is more affordable than forms made explicitly for glass fusing.

Whenever you’re projecting on employing frit to occupy the cast then there’s not a great deal of grooming involved. Merely surface the composition with numerous applications of kiln wash and permit it to dry out entirely prior to firing.

If however you desire to employ the clay sculpture to slouch glass into, then you’ll want to do a bit added work prior to utilizing it for this function. The form will involve having hollows bored into the bed so that any ensnared air could leak during the action.

Generally there are about two to three holes that will need to be bored through the composition. Have a look at the assemble and ascertain where air could get snared and bore a hole in that region. The part will likewise need to be surfaced with a few layers of kiln wash prior to firing. Make certain that the hollows you previously bored are not filled up with kiln wash. If they’ve become encumbered, merely apply a pin or toothpick to clean the hole. Hold up the form with a couple of kiln posts to permit air to distribute about the form while firing.

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05/12/10 – E6000 – E6000 is applied to bond jewelry findings to fused glass. Jewelry findings can be items such as bails, ear wires, or jump rings. The ample tube will go a long ways, as only a bit of the adhesive material is required to fasten the art object.

The directions are actually rather uncomplicated. Clean-living the composition, but not with soap. Soap could impart a residue that will keep the glue from binding to the assemble. Rough up the jewelry finding and the region on the glass where you’re starting to bind the finding.

Place a little quantity of E6000 on the composition. Apply just enough paste so that some of it extrudes from below the finding. This activity will assist to cast a pleasant lock about the jewelry finding. Apply some steady pressing as it’s pushed down. Cleanse up any additional glue that may have splattered elsewhere on the glass.

Place it down and do not displace it for at least twenty-four hours. This is crucial! Do not even move the composition until it has processed for this minimal period of time. It’s even more beneficial to leave it alone for a longer time period.

Numerous people utilize the oven technique. When the compositions are pasted conjointly, place them upon an tin foil bordered baking tray. Switch on the oven and fire up to 185 degrees. After approximately ten minutes, position baking tray in the oven for around for two hours. Switch off the oven and permit the assemble to sit for roughly twenty-four hours.

To get rid of the E-6000, merely drench the piece in Goof Off or Oops overnight to cause the glue to weaken. When softened the compositions should separate. Apply this merchandise outside or in a good vented region.

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Two Part Epoxy

05/11/10 – Two Part Epoxy – I choose to employ a two part epoxy to bond jewelry findings to fused glass artwork. When buying, make certain to study the directions about the bondable substance and notice the tack time. You need one that will grant a bit of time prior to setting up on the project in case you want to displace things around during the pasting procedure.

Because the concoction bulges out of both positions of the tube, there isn’t a problem with combining the correct quantity. Merely pull away the points on the tubes. Dole out the quantity needed for the specific task. Employ equal force to the pistons so that it equally streams. Employ a popsicle stick or another expendable object to stir the 2 mixings collectively.

This product sets up moderately quick, therefore you’ll want to have the art objects and findings available to go prior to mixing. I commonly mix the glue upon freezer paper or a Styrofoam plate. I notice that the adhesive material mixes easily on this surface and the cleaning is effortless. Employ a toothpick to apply the epoxy glue to the glass composition then simply bond your bail or different finding.

Press the jewelry finding into position. Tidy up any gum that may have dropped on different portions of the glass. Cleansing could be accomplished employing a scrubby and a bit of soap and water. Check it sporadically to make sure that it has not slipped or traveled out of place. Once the adhesive material has tacked together, the assemble is completed.

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Chili Pepper Design

05/04/10 – Chili Pepper – Chili pepper, chilipepper, chile pepper, or chilepepper, which ever manner you singly spell them, these are red hot peppers! These intensely scorching peppers are employed to zest culinary meals, or consumed to contribute a bit of gusto to a meal. They’re occasionally stewed, deep-fried or dehydrated then chopped up, gorged or left whole before utilization.

These cayennes in reality began flourishing in the Americas, but now they’re farmed all over the world. Not exclusively used as food but they are also as medicine.

Because they sprang up in the Americas, it’s suiting that they virtually appear to stand for Mexico. They’re used to beautify kitchens and home items.

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Cinco de Mayo

05/03/10 – Cinco de Mayo – The holiday of Cinco de Mayo, while rather popular in the United States, it’s only slightly celebrated in the country of Mexico. There are numerous Mexican holidays and festivals observed in the Mexican civilization. This peculiar festivity is more of a territorial holiday. The holiday observes the May5, 1862 triumph over the French at Puebla, Mexico.

In the U.S.A. the festivities include details from the Mexican civilization. These generally include Mexican food, drinks, music and ornaments. The hues are brilliant reds, greens and yellows.

Brilliantly dyed streamers adorn walls and streets as marches parade by crowds of individuals. Nonpublic parties are given with the Mexican subject. Everybody is consuming tortilla chips and salsa whilst washing it down with a tasteful margarita.

This page will house a few designs that may be utilized for observing this holiday. Each individual connection will direct to a different page that will not only feature finished instructions but a blueprint. Conform the design to accommodate your specific demands.

The projects could be fused and donned as a pin on your celebratory getup. Create them as gifts to distribute to your acquaintances and family to assist everybody in getting into the savory climate.

Fuse the patterns into additional pieces of glass and convert them into dip trays for your chips and salsa, or bowls to clutch your chips. Put a boastfully assemble in the middle or your figure and bestow a lot of brilliant frit to generate the visual aspect of confetti.

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