Two Part Epoxy

05/11/10 – Two Part Epoxy – I choose to employ a two part epoxy to bond jewelry findings to fused glass artwork. When buying, make certain to study the directions about the bondable substance and notice the tack time. You need one that will grant a bit of time prior to setting up on the project in case you want to displace things around during the pasting procedure.

Because the concoction bulges out of both positions of the tube, there isn’t a problem with combining the correct quantity. Merely pull away the points on the tubes. Dole out the quantity needed for the specific task. Employ equal force to the pistons so that it equally streams. Employ a popsicle stick or another expendable object to stir the 2 mixings collectively.

This product sets up moderately quick, therefore you’ll want to have the art objects and findings available to go prior to mixing. I commonly mix the glue upon freezer paper or a Styrofoam plate. I notice that the adhesive material mixes easily on this surface and the cleaning is effortless. Employ a toothpick to apply the epoxy glue to the glass composition then simply bond your bail or different finding.

Press the jewelry finding into position. Tidy up any gum that may have dropped on different portions of the glass. Cleansing could be accomplished employing a scrubby and a bit of soap and water. Check it sporadically to make sure that it has not slipped or traveled out of place. Once the adhesive material has tacked together, the assemble is completed.


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