05/12/10 – E6000 – E6000 is applied to bond jewelry findings to fused glass. Jewelry findings can be items such as bails, ear wires, or jump rings. The ample tube will go a long ways, as only a bit of the adhesive material is required to fasten the art object.

The directions are actually rather uncomplicated. Clean-living the composition, but not with soap. Soap could impart a residue that will keep the glue from binding to the assemble. Rough up the jewelry finding and the region on the glass where you’re starting to bind the finding.

Place a little quantity of E6000 on the composition. Apply just enough paste so that some of it extrudes from below the finding. This activity will assist to cast a pleasant lock about the jewelry finding. Apply some steady pressing as it’s pushed down. Cleanse up any additional glue that may have splattered elsewhere on the glass.

Place it down and do not displace it for at least twenty-four hours. This is crucial! Do not even move the composition until it has processed for this minimal period of time. It’s even more beneficial to leave it alone for a longer time period.

Numerous people utilize the oven technique. When the compositions are pasted conjointly, place them upon an tin foil bordered baking tray. Switch on the oven and fire up to 185 degrees. After approximately ten minutes, position baking tray in the oven for around for two hours. Switch off the oven and permit the assemble to sit for roughly twenty-four hours.

To get rid of the E-6000, merely drench the piece in Goof Off or Oops overnight to cause the glue to weaken. When softened the compositions should separate. Apply this merchandise outside or in a good vented region.


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