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Millefiori Geckos

05/27/10 – Millefiori Geckos – Geckos are cute little lizards. This one is covered with millefiori pieces to add color and dimension to the piece. Even his little eyes and nose were created using the “Spring Mix Millefiori Assortment” from Delphi Glass.

Millefiori is simple to use even though the pieces are not evenly cut. They can be sanded down if necessary, or try turning them over to see if the other side is flatter. They are kept in place using a little unscented hairspray.

I fired the piece slowly since the millefiori glass has previously been heated and the thickness is greater than the flat body glass. They were taken up at about 300 degrees per hour and held at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes to allow all of the glass to even out in temperature.

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05/26/10 – Millefiori – Just received my package of millefiori from Delphi Glass. What a colorful selection of tiny pieces. This group is from the newest addition to their selection. It is called the “Spring Mix Millefiori Assortment”. They have quite a selection of millefiori.

The name “millefiori” means “a thousand flowers” and that is what these look like. Petite tiny round glass flowers in beautiful spring colors. They are all tiny, and I think the largest piece is about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Before these arrived in the mail, I was busy deciding what would be a nice pattern to decorate with these pieces. They can be added to just about any design, but most individuals use them to make pendants. I didn’t want anything usual and I think the one I picked is perfect.

I have designed my pattern, cut my glass and decorated the piece with these tiny accents. It is currently fusing inside the kiln and as usual I am anxiously awaiting it to cool down so that I can view the piece.

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