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Fused Glass Decals

06/29/10 – Fused Glass Decals – Since this month has been about Hawaii, these fused glass decals are a perfect addition. Originally I was going to etch a palm tree into some Dichroic glass to make a palm tree design, and then along came these perfect decals.

Fused glass decals are extremely simple to use and don’t require very many steps to accomplish. Fusing your glass before you add the decal will help you achieve a flat surface. This helps to not only make adding the decal easier, but also eliminates bubbles that might occur during firing.

I have received my decals from aaeglass. They have quite a selection of designs and come out with more and more unique and attractive patterns all the time. Decals can really aide in enhancing your fused glass.

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Palm Trees – A Fused Glass Decal Project

06/28/10 – Palm Trees – I am sure you have seen silhouettes of palm trees standing gracefully against the sun setting sky. There is nothing like experiencing this romantic tropical scene in person.

A fused glass decal is used to make this scene come to life on this fused glass piece. These decals can be purchased on line and are a welcome break from etching the tiny details into Dichroic glass. With decals you can use any color of glass and embellish the piece before adding the decals.

Read the instructions that come along with your decals and make note if they are low-fire or high-fire before beginning the process. Fuse your glass to a full fuse before adding the decal. This will give you a smooth even surface and help eliminate bubbles in the final product.

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Dolphin Tail

06/22/10 – Dolphin Tail – When looking for the ideal Hawaiian gift for that certain male someone, this dolphin tail would be perfect. It is a very basic pattern that does require the use of a glass saw to cut the fine elements. Enhance the piece with some scrap glass or stringers to add some depth and detail to the tail.

The brown tail has been accented with a couple of black stringers. This placement is to indicate the presence of lines in the tail fins.

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Hawaiian Orchids

06/20/10 – Hawaiian Orchids – While on the large island of Hawaii, we took a trip to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. They had unimaginable vegetation there of every shape, color and size. I was especially inspired by the stunning Hawaiian Orchids.

Trying to capture the elegant exquisiteness of these flowers has brought about this pattern. The petals have been created using transparent glass. This is to help provide the impression of the delicate nature of these blooms. I have used a dark green for the base of the flower and yellow and lavender for the center of the blossom.

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Hawaiin Green Sea Turtle

06/19/10 – Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle – The largest of the common turtles found around Hawaii is the Hawaiian green sea. Basking lazily in the warm afternoon sun, you will find this large creature on black lava rocks. This is a very common almost daily occurrence.

Did you know that these turtles are protected by law? They are becoming more extinct and therefore it is against the law to touch or bother them in the ocean or on the land. While snorkeling you will see them as they glide by looking for food.

Because they are normally found in tones varying from dark brown to olive, I have created this particular body out of brown glass. The shell is created using some Dichroic glass and is enclosed with a clear piece of glass.

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Oceanic Dolphins

06/17/10 – Oceanic Dolphins – Oceanic dolphins can be viewed immediately off the rocky shores of Hawaii. Gracefully they leap into the atmosphere from the depths of the ocean. Sometimes referred to as porpoises, they are actually related, but are not porpoises.

Although dolphins are generally gray in color, I have used brown glass for the body. This particular pattern has been enhanced with a piece of Dichroic glass. It has a blue-green color that almost gives the appearance of water gliding from his body.

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Coqui Frog

06/16/10 – Coqui Frog – The Coqui frog resides in Hawaii, although he like many other animals are not originally from these islands. He was brought over many years ago from the Caribbean.

Normally you will see them with dark black eyes, but I wanted his eyes to stand out more so I made them red. Millefiori is used on his back to represent warts. He is very tiny in stature, usually only the size of a quarter.

This would be a fantastic gift for some of your frog collecting friends. He can be turned into a pin, pendant or as an adornment for other fused items.

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