Kona, Hawaii

06/14/10 – Kona – We scarcely returned from a trip out to Kona. This stylish and active small tourist town is situated upon the large island of Hawaii. When living at this location I was invigorated by all of the Hawaiian stimulus. Abiding at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort was unbelievable. The campus was so clean and the sights were breathtakingly spectacular.

We viewed turtles relishing on pitch-black lava stones in the tepid afternoon sunshine, surf boarders traversing the fresh perfect ocean curls, cruise ships tardily cruising through the dark-blue sea in the distance. We strolled dark sand beaches and snorkeled in the perfect ocean water with a large rainbow of fish and beautiful colors of precious coral. Inspiration was everywhere and all the senses were going wild with anticipation of turning these items into fused glass pieces.

This trip gave me motivation to add a couple of Hawaiian topic designs. In this segment you’ll discover particulars that will be associated the big island. They’re beach affiliated details that could be located in a lot of like domains, but have been promoted from my experience on this journey.


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