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Beginner Glass Fusing DVD

07/12/10 – Beginner Glass Fusing Class DVD – After months of work, the “Beginner Glass Fusing Class” video is live and up on the web site. This is an instructional video that will assist beginners in the fundamentals of glass fusing. There are 18 chapters in the tape, each one filled with vital information to assist individuals with the essentials of learning this hot craft.

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07/12/10 – GlasClay – New on the market, GlasClay is a powder that is used to make glass clay. It comes in tiny little vials with 12 various colors. These are sampler vials to give you a little idea on using the product.

Add a little distilled water and kneed the material to mix it. It can be sealed in an air tight container and stored for about a week.

Use it to press into molds, shape it, or mold it into any shape that you could imagine. Much like child’s Play Doh this material is a lot of fun to create with.

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Glass Clay

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Octopus Pattern

07/12/10 – Octopus – The next pattern in my Hawaii Inspiration section is this easy octopus design. With a round head and extending arms this guy can be decorated to your specifications.

I have used some brown glass as the body color and then added large black dots for his eyes. Millefiori has been used to represent the suction cups on his arms. Stringer pieces add a touch of depth and interest to the piece.

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Flower of Hawaii Pattern

07/12/10 – Flower of Hawaii – Inspiration for this theme came from the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. There were so many beautiful and unusual flowers in that space.

This is a very simplistic pattern. Cut your glass out of your preferred color. I have used a deep purple and added some large dots that almost give you the impression of kukui nuts.

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Glass Frit Blends

07/11/10 – Glass Frit Blends – Use up your scrap glass to make various glass frit blends. These tiny pieces can add a lot of depth and interest to your fusing project. Simply cut up your scrap glass to the size of frit that you would like, mix your colors and add the pieces to your project. Be sure before you start that the glass has been thoroughly cleaned so that you don’t have any debris in the pieces.

Mix up the colors before usage and then sprinkle them on your project. Mix and match your colors so that they will blend nicely with your artwork.

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