Programming a Glass Kiln

08/24/10 – Programming a Glass Kiln – Programming a glass kiln can have you scratching your head and wondering if you have entered the information correctly. Before beginning the feat, first and utmost it is important that you write it down in sequence. Having it written down so that you can refer to it will definitely assist you in entering the numbers in the correct place and order.

  • First you will be entering how many segments there are in the firing. This will be determined by your written schedule.

  • You are going to want your ramp temperature. How fast do you want the kiln to heat up per hour.

  • The goal temperature. What temperature in each step you want the kiln to reach before it goes on to the next step.

  • Whether or not you want to hold the temperature and for how long.
  • For more information and to watch some fantastic videos provided by Delphi Glass – Art Glass Tools & Supplies be sure to visit the site.


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