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Hotline Fusers Glue

10/23/10 – Hotline Fusers Glue – The last type of fusing glue added to the website is Hotline Fusers Glue. This glue comes in a powder and liquid form. It is also used to secure glass in place while embellishing your piece or transporting the product to the kiln. It burns off clean inside the hot kiln. There are some individuals who think that Hotline Fusers glue and Klyr-Fire are very comparable in appliance and outcome. Contrast the costs and outcome yourself to find out which one works best for your particular projects.

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Klyr-Fire Glue

10/23/10 – Klyr-Fire – This month the topic has been about various glass fusing glues. The newest one added to the site is Klyr-Fire. Klyr-Fire is yet another glue that is used in glass fusing. It can also be used for mosaics. This clear firing glue is dripped onto your glass, where it runs down and glues the layers of glass together. It is a very slow drying liquid that needs to be dried completely before firing the glass inside a kiln.

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Beginner Glass Fusing Class Book

10/23/10 – Beginner Glass Fusing Class Book – The Beginner Glass Fusing Class video has been turned into a book. I don’t know about you, but I love books. I have an entire bookcase filled with crafting books. There is nothing like going back and reviewing procedures and processes.

This book is basically identical to the movie. All the same basic information is here for your convenience. It is a must for your crafty bookcase.

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10/16/10 – Hairspray – Continuing our discussion on fusing glue, the topic today is hairspray. This is my preferred fusing glue. It is readily available and dries quickly.

Use an unscented inexpensive brand, such as Rave, Suave or White Rain. The pump type is easy to apply. Simply unscrew the top and use the plastic tube to apply a tiny amount to your glass.

To read more about this product or other fusing glues, be sure to check out the website.

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Glastac Glue

10/16/10 – Glastac – Glastac is a pink glue made especially to assist you with your glass fusing projects. This glue is manufactured by Bullseye and we all know Bullseye knows glass.

Add just a tad of this glue to secure your glass pieces. It will trickle down and around the individual pieces. Allow the liquid to dry completely before firing the piece inside the kiln.

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Fuse It Tack Film

10/14/10 – Fuse It Tack Film – This month we are discussing various glues that are used to adhere glass during the assembly procedure. Fuse It Tack Film is a fusing glue that is manufactured by Kaiser Lee LLC. It takes the glue about 30-60 minutes to completely set up and dry. This glue has been tested by the company and seems to hold up to all their testing. Petra demonstrates how the glue is used on her YouTube video.

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Elmer’s Glue

10/12/10 – Elmers Glue – Everyone is familiar with Elmers glue. This glue is used by many in glass fusing to secure embellishments and other glass pieces together. It is generally used in a 50/50 ratio with water. Apply sparingly with a toothpick. Many prefer the Elmers Blue Gel School Glue brand as opposed to the white glue we all grew up with.

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