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Beyond the Basics – Glass Fusing Instructions

11/29/10 – Beyond the Basics – In this new DVD, Beyond the Basics, I am showing you some simple and easy beginner projects. This video will take you beyond the basics of glass fusing. There are projects on this video that are very basic and will help you advance in your glass fusing experience. This newest DVD in the series is over an hour long of procedures and instruction. The following lists all the chapter and projects.

Ch 1 – Introduction
Ch 2 – Reading a Firing Chart
Ch 3 – Molds
Ch 4 – Fused Tile
Ch 5 – Business Card Holder
Ch 6 – Glass Stand
Ch 7 – Comb Honey
Ch 8 – Coral Bowl
Ch 9 – Fused Barrette
Ch 10 – Glass Donut
Ch 11- Pre-cut Pieces
Ch 12 – Painting on Glass with Glass
Ch 13 – Sifting Frit onto Glass
Ch 14 – Soap Dish
Ch 15 – Fused Glass Dots
Ch 16 – Drilling a Hole
Ch 17 – Glass Powder Wafer
Ch 18 – Sifting Into a Stencil
Ch 19 – Stringer Project
Ch 20 – Layering Powder and Frit

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Glass Powder Wafers

11/24/10 – Glass Powder Wafers – Create unique glass powder wafers out of any designed pattern. Made from glass powder and/or frit, these adorable adornments are quick and simple to design and make.

Using your desired pattern, trace the design onto a piece of fiber board and simple cut it out. Once done, you can fill the area with any color of glass powder or frit. When fired inside the kiln, the glass slumps down into your stencil.

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Glass Sifter

11/18/10 – Glass Sifter – There are a few types of sifters used in glass fusing. You can purchase sifters for sorting or for embellishing your glass.

Glass Sifters come in various sizes and will enable you to sort your frit into different sizes. These are fantastic when you are making your own frit from larger pieces of glass. Once sorted into the assorted sizes, the glass can then be stored in plastic bags. Mark the glass indicating the color and size.

Other sifters, such as purchased or homemade types, are great for adding a sprinkling of powder or fine frit over your design. They will enable you to add an even coating of the frit.

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Glass Powder

11/16/10 – Glass Powder – Glass powder is finely ground glass. It is as soft and thin as talcum powder. There are many techniques and processes that used powdered glass.

This page list a few ideas and suggestions. More techniques will be added this month using glass powder.

Powder Techniques

  • Glass Painting – mix powder glass with a medium and then use the mixture to paint on glass.

  • Crackle Glass – sift powder glass onto a piece of damp fiber board.

  • Sifted Dry – using a sifter or strainer dust powder onto glass.

  • Powder Wafer – pour powder into a pre-cut stencil.

  • Glass Lace – cut a round stencil and fill with powder glass.

  • Freeze and Fuse – add water to powder glass and press into molds.

  • Glass Clay – mix powder with Aloe Vera or other medium to a clay consistency.

  • Pate de Verre – making a paste out of glass and a liquid binder.

  • Jewelry – use powder to enhance your design.

  • Embellishments – accents to your other fusing glass items.
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