Glass Powder

11/16/10 – Glass Powder – Glass powder is finely ground glass. It is as soft and thin as talcum powder. There are many techniques and processes that used powdered glass.

This page list a few ideas and suggestions. More techniques will be added this month using glass powder.

Powder Techniques

  • Glass Painting – mix powder glass with a medium and then use the mixture to paint on glass.

  • Crackle Glass – sift powder glass onto a piece of damp fiber board.

  • Sifted Dry – using a sifter or strainer dust powder onto glass.

  • Powder Wafer – pour powder into a pre-cut stencil.

  • Glass Lace – cut a round stencil and fill with powder glass.

  • Freeze and Fuse – add water to powder glass and press into molds.

  • Glass Clay – mix powder with Aloe Vera or other medium to a clay consistency.

  • Pate de Verre – making a paste out of glass and a liquid binder.

  • Jewelry – use powder to enhance your design.

  • Embellishments – accents to your other fusing glass items.
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