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Beyond the Basics – Glass Fusing Instructions

11/29/10 – Beyond the Basics – In this new DVD, Beyond the Basics, I am showing you some simple and easy beginner projects. This video will take you beyond the basics of glass fusing. There are projects on this video that are very basic and will help you advance in your glass fusing experience. This newest DVD in the series is over an hour long of procedures and instruction. The following lists all the chapter and projects.

Ch 1 – Introduction
Ch 2 – Reading a Firing Chart
Ch 3 – Molds
Ch 4 – Fused Tile
Ch 5 – Business Card Holder
Ch 6 – Glass Stand
Ch 7 – Comb Honey
Ch 8 – Coral Bowl
Ch 9 – Fused Barrette
Ch 10 – Glass Donut
Ch 11- Pre-cut Pieces
Ch 12 – Painting on Glass with Glass
Ch 13 – Sifting Frit onto Glass
Ch 14 – Soap Dish
Ch 15 – Fused Glass Dots
Ch 16 – Drilling a Hole
Ch 17 – Glass Powder Wafer
Ch 18 – Sifting Into a Stencil
Ch 19 – Stringer Project
Ch 20 – Layering Powder and Frit

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Glass Powder Wafers

11/24/10 – Glass Powder Wafers – Create unique glass powder wafers out of any designed pattern. Made from glass powder and/or frit, these adorable adornments are quick and simple to design and make.

Using your desired pattern, trace the design onto a piece of fiber board and simple cut it out. Once done, you can fill the area with any color of glass powder or frit. When fired inside the kiln, the glass slumps down into your stencil.

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Hotline Fusers Glue

10/23/10 – Hotline Fusers Glue – The last type of fusing glue added to the website is Hotline Fusers Glue. This glue comes in a powder and liquid form. It is also used to secure glass in place while embellishing your piece or transporting the product to the kiln. It burns off clean inside the hot kiln. There are some individuals who think that Hotline Fusers glue and Klyr-Fire are very comparable in appliance and outcome. Contrast the costs and outcome yourself to find out which one works best for your particular projects.

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Klyr-Fire Glue

10/23/10 – Klyr-Fire – This month the topic has been about various glass fusing glues. The newest one added to the site is Klyr-Fire. Klyr-Fire is yet another glue that is used in glass fusing. It can also be used for mosaics. This clear firing glue is dripped onto your glass, where it runs down and glues the layers of glass together. It is a very slow drying liquid that needs to be dried completely before firing the glass inside a kiln.

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Setting Up a Craft Fair Booth

09/08/10 – Setting up a Craft Fair Booth – With the holiday season closing in on us, it is time to consider setting up a craft fair for these special shows. What are some of the things you should be doing to attract customers and yet still give them plenty of space to walk around and view your products? This page discusses these issues and a lot more…check it out!

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Earth Day Projects

04/16/10 – Earth Day – Earth Day is almost here and what a great way to make some designs to make others aware of this critical date. Earth Day is really like the World Environment Day. Both of these days are fashioned to awaken regard and gratitude to the Earth about us. Protecting the globe originally became an event during the 1960’s once individuals awakened to the truth that mankind was ruining and inducing mayhem on the environment.

The beginning day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere falls on April 22, and it’s also the premier day of Fall in the Southern hemisphere. This day was selected to observe worldwide, and to assist everyone in becoming remindful of how everyone can help preserve our globe.

While this festivity has been about for a while causing individuals to be mindful of the grandness is still required. Demonstrate your patronage and help salvage our Mother Earth for coming generations.
This specific page will display designs and patterns that may be employed to produce items in junction with your endorsement. Work the models into pivots that may be donned on April 22nd or fuse them into presents to devote to acquaintances and family.

The first and only pattern added this year is the Plant a Tree Design – This design only takes a few pieces of glass and some stringers. It will make an adorable pin to wear on Earth Day. Make plenty to give to all your friends and family.

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Irish Harp

03/04/10 – Irish Harp – Where you aware that the Irish people position the harp upon the left shoulder so that it is placed over the heart? The Irish harp with its beautiful and delicate tone is played now in spite of being rebuffed and disallowed for centuries. Harpers were strung up for this artistry in ancient days. Just like Irish people themselves, they presently flourish everywhere.

Apply a bit of black Glassline paint and/or a few dots to bestow some fine details to the art piece. Make sure to partly cover the two separate harp pieces to guarantee that they fuse together.

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