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Fancy Egg Design

04/04/10 – Fancy Egg – Are you fascinated with creating a fancy egg for the Easter holiday? This is a graciously big egg shape. Grace the egg with components like frit, stringers, Glassline paints, etc. Or merely impart a boastfully bow for a primary yet very exquisite visual aspect. View the pattern at the bottom of the page to bestow a bow on the piece.

Easter just would not be the same without a couple of Easter Eggs. Who does not enjoy donning gala pins for the holiday? They will not want to be scampering about a dewy moist lawn on Easter dawn seeking Easter eggs while they don one of these. With this effortless shape you can create eggs for everybody this holiday season.

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Duck Egg Pattern

04/03/10 – Duck Egg – This new pattern is for a delightful duck egg design. This delicate gentleman is just taking a glimpse out of his newly hatched egg. Perhaps he is speculating what his future possesses. He might be wondering if he will someday become a dabbling duck, a diving duck, or someday be consumed for a unique occasion.

His delightful Anatidae mug is glancing out of the cracked egg with two darting eyeballs and an extremely hefty brilliant orange bill. The eggshell that encases him can be garnished for the Easter holiday.

Encircle him with any shade of egg color. Apply a mixture of trimmings to trim and decorate the egg. If you look at the picture, I have used Glassline paints to bejewel my eggshell.

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Duckface Project

04/02/10 – Duckface – Everybody will go quackery all over this Duckface project. With spring in the air it’s time for all the lovable infant creatures to arrive, and also this quacky duck face design. Baby ducks and chicks seem to be the theme during this time of the year, only create room for this wacky guy.

This Easter duck is a really primary and easy figure. He has an enormously boastfully platypus type of bill seated in the middle of his ample yellowed duck head. Utilize 2 dots for the eyeballs or the blueprint below and a little Glassline paints. Paint the dots in the eyes, two blobs on the nose and a crease on the crest of his bill.

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Easter Egg Chicken Design

04/01/10 – Easter Egg Chicken – This itsy-bitsy Easter egg chicken boasts a brilliant orange snout, looney legs, adorned body and a couple of suspension feet. An Easter egger that’s sprucely appareled Easter chick. He’s prepared to observe the Easter season.

He has an empty ring about his abdomen that could be bejeweled and embellished to fit your wanted appearance. Apply a few bowed or split stringers, dots, frit, etc. to heighten the visual aspect.

The legs could be cut from glass or utilize a few bent rods and then just fuse them to the piece. A different way to create this zigzag aspect could be to bond a few pipe cleaners after the piece is firing. They could be twisted and bent to apply you a real contrary and fascinating appearance.

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Easter Egg Nest Design

03/30/10 – Easter Egg Nest – Create a catching presentment this year when donning this endearing Easter egg nest pin. Everyone knows that Easter eggs are not really put into our nests by the Easter bunny, but yet every Easter we still expect to find these adorned goodies in downy bird-like nests.

To impart a little dimension to the piece, add a some frit or stringers. The Easter nest will be bland and not as exciting as it will be with a couple of added ornamentations.

The petite itty-bitty eggs could be adorned also. Apply some Glassline frit, paints or additional pieces to enhance the design.

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Easter Cross Pattern

03/29/10 – Easter Cross – The Easter cross possesses numerous meanings for many of the Christian festivals. Easter isn’t observed on the same Sunday every year. It’s viewed a mobile holiday that’s not fastened to a particular day.

This cross stands for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the symbolization reminds us of his death. It’s a hallowed symbolization that stands for trust in this event.

Decorate the cross with some white lilies and it will emphatically represent Easter. Leave it unadorned, however and it could be adorned all year long to exhibit your faith in Christianity.

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Crinkled Dichroic Glass


05/18/09 – Crinkled Dichroic Glass – Dichroic glass is spectacular to behold. Crinkled dichroic glass still has that sparkle and shine, but has the added feature of bringing texture and depth to your fused glass pieces. To find out more about this new glass made by CBS, check out the information page at Crinkled Dichroic Glass.

Since this is the month of May, I have started a few Mother’s Day Projects. More patterns and projects will be added to this page, not only this month, but each year as the month of May comes around.

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