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10/16/10 – Hairspray – Continuing our discussion on fusing glue, the topic today is hairspray. This is my preferred fusing glue. It is readily available and dries quickly.

Use an unscented inexpensive brand, such as Rave, Suave or White Rain. The pump type is easy to apply. Simply unscrew the top and use the plastic tube to apply a tiny amount to your glass.

To read more about this product or other fusing glues, be sure to check out the website.

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Glastac Glue

10/16/10 – Glastac – Glastac is a pink glue made especially to assist you with your glass fusing projects. This glue is manufactured by Bullseye and we all know Bullseye knows glass.

Add just a tad of this glue to secure your glass pieces. It will trickle down and around the individual pieces. Allow the liquid to dry completely before firing the piece inside the kiln.

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Fuse It Tack Film

10/14/10 – Fuse It Tack Film – This month we are discussing various glues that are used to adhere glass during the assembly procedure. Fuse It Tack Film is a fusing glue that is manufactured by Kaiser Lee LLC. It takes the glue about 30-60 minutes to completely set up and dry. This glue has been tested by the company and seems to hold up to all their testing. Petra demonstrates how the glue is used on her YouTube video.

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Elmer’s Glue

10/12/10 – Elmers Glue – Everyone is familiar with Elmers glue. This glue is used by many in glass fusing to secure embellishments and other glass pieces together. It is generally used in a 50/50 ratio with water. Apply sparingly with a toothpick. Many prefer the Elmers Blue Gel School Glue brand as opposed to the white glue we all grew up with.

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Create fpr Less

09/29/10 – Create for Less – Create for Less is a great place to purchase supplies in volume. They sell in bulk. When getting ready for an upcoming show or fair it is always wise to purchase bulk items to finish off your fused glass artwork.

Although most of their items are not in any way related to glass fusing, they do have some supplies to assist you with other craft items, or finishing off your glass pieces. Check them out!

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Delphi Stained Glass

09/28/10 – Delphi Stained Glass – I love Delphi Stained Glass supplies. Their selection and pricing is fantastic. No matter what type of glass work you do from stained glass to glass fusing, they are the place to purchase all your materials.

Their online source of materials is always growing and easy to place in the shopping cart. Then their system will even give you several options for delivery. Purchasing is easier than most online stores.

If you have any problems or concerns, their customer service is number one in my book. I have called them numerous times and have never had a dissatisfying experience. They are so extremely friendly and helpful and eager to assist their customers.

If you are not familiar with this company, I highly suggest that you check them out! They even ship world-wide!!!

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Fused Glass Supplies

09/21/10 – Fused Glass Supplies – This page will home links to pages that will assist you in making homemade supplies and utilizing common items around your home for glass fusing.

Glass fusing supplies can be expensive, and it is nice to save a few bucks by making your own supplies. These items would include making kiln wash, bead release, etc. You will also find the page helpful in discovering common items that can assist you in your glass fusing endeavors. Check it out!

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