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Kiln Furniture


07/28/09 – Kiln Furniture – Made from alumina, silicon carbide, sillimanite and zirconium silicate, kiln furniture is all the refractory items designed to support glass fusing items inside a kiln. These items consist of the shelves and posts. These refractory items need to be coated with a kiln wash to protect them during the firing process. Coating them with a shelf primer will protect them from glass that could get stuck to the items.

This is another page that is being placed on the site to help individuals new to the fusing process. It is being linked from the Tools and Materials and the Technical Terms pages .

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Open Fusing Kiln


11/27/07 – Open Fusing Kiln

At what temperature is it risk-free to open up the fusing kiln? When heating your object, it’s popular to glance when the art object reaches a temperature of above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to put on your IR and UV glasses when doing this operation.

Glass is breakable between room temperature and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t open your unit beneath 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. At above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass is hot enough that it’s all right to see the glass. Always put on optic protective covering when watching the fusing glass in the kiln. The scalding air escaping from the oven can damage those unprotected eyes!

To read about this and more information on opening the fusing kiln, please visit Open Fusing Kiln.

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Getting to Know Your Kiln


10/29/07 – Get to Know your Kiln
If you are just starting out with glass fusing, you are going to want to purchase a kiln. Discover all the different parts of this expensive unit. What are they used for, and are they necessary to have on your kiln.
Don’t just purchase any kiln. Find one that will fit your needs and expense account. Be sure that you have all the necessary items on your kiln so that you can fuse your projects with ease.

10/29/07 – Glass Fusing Suppliers
Searching for exactly the suitable provider for all your glass fusing essentials? Check over the new page about glass art suppliers. Find out where you can purchase not only glass, but all those needed supplies…yes, at one place.
Find out where to purchase fantastic art and craft supplies. While buying materials for glass fusing, you need the best cost, superior merchandise and terrific customer help.

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