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Witch’s Brew


10/29/09 – Witch’s Brew – This pattern is a big black pot of witch’s brew. Glass dots are used to indicate the presence of bubbles boiling over the edge of the cauldron. I have used a multi-colored green glass to represent the mixed ingredients inside the pot. The design can be enlarged for larger products or used as is for a pin design. This will be the last pattern placed on the Halloween Gift Idea page for this particular year.

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Halloween Coffin


10/28/09 – Halloween Coffin – A black coffin pattern with two eerie eyes piercing the night. This is a spookily simplistic pattern to cut and design. If you are still searching for more Halloween patterns, take a look at the Halloween Gift Idea page.

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Eye of the Cat


10/27/09 – Eye of the Cat – There is something mysterious and spooky about the eye of the cat. This pattern uses Dichroic glass to give that shimmer and mystic to the design. Bringing the piece to a full fuse will blend the eye a little better. This particular piece has only been brought to a tack fuse, because I like the depth and details that a tack fuse offers. These would make fantastic pendants for all of your spooky friends. For added Halloween patterns and designs, be sure to check out the Halloween Gift Idea page.

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Count Dracula


10/26/09 – Count Dracula – Count Dracula is generally a scary figure perfect for the Halloween season. This particular design has more of a humorous look at this evil creature. Turn the pattern into a pin, or add it to any other fused Halloween project. If you are looking for a few fusing patterns for Halloween, check out the Halloween Gift Idea page.

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The Common Raven for Halloween


10/23/09 – Common Raven – Halloween is right around the corner. If you want a quick one-of-a-kind project, this common raven is perfect. It is etched into dichroic glass and then fused inside the kiln. I have explained on the page how to do the etching without having to trace the pattern onto the glass. This pattern like all the new designs has been added to the Halloween Gift Idea page.

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Mummy Pattern


10/22/09 – Mummy – This is a very uncomplicated and undemanding pattern to construct. Glassline paints are used to insert all the details to the mummy, like the lines to indicate wrappings and of course a dot for each eye. This particular pattern has a basic body shape, two black shoes and the area for the dot eyes. I have modified the Halloween Gift Idea page to include a link to this newest addition to the site.

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Blood Thirsty Vampire Teeth


10/21/09 – Vampire Teeth – A spooky pair of vampire teeth. These look blood thirsty and ready to scare and frighten all of your friends and family. For even more spooky patterns be sure to check out the Halloween Gift Idea page.

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Scary Tree


10/20/09 – Scary Tree – A very basic pattern of a scary tree placed on a cool fall night.  There is a full moon gracing the chilly night.  This is just one of the fresh new Halloween patterns that is being placed on the site. For more Halloween designs, be sure to check out the Halloween Gift Idea page.

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Black Cat Head


10/14/09 – Black Cat Head – An adorable black cat head design that could be fused into a platter or plate. It could also be used to create some pins for your friends or family. This is a very basic simple piece that uses only a few colors of glass and some stringers to add the details to the piece.5

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Flying Witch


10/14/09 – Flying Witch – This flying witch design is accomplished using dichroic glass. The image of the witch on a broom and the moon is etched into the dichroic glass and then it is topped with a piece of clear glass. It requires the use of a dremel drill with a diamond tip bit.

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