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11/30/09 – Scarecrow – Finishing up the Thanksgiving patterns with this scarecrow design. Fall and scarecrows just seem to go together. This little guy would make an adorable pin for a friend, or fuse it into a platter for some Thanksgiving treats. Add some patches to his pants or shirt using either scrap glass or Glassline paints if desired.

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Pine Cone Pattern

11/29/09 – Pine Cone – The pine cone is covered with evenly placed cones that overlap each other. This pattern involves using fiber paper to keep the layers from melting into each other and becoming one solid piece. After firing the fiber paper can be removed and any leftover residue can be washed away.

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A Pilgrim Pumpkin Design

11/28/09 – Pilgrim Pumpkin – This particular pattern is of a pumpkin wearing a pilgrim hat. Use up tiny pieces of scrap glass to adorn the piece. I have used frit to add a little dimension and decoration to the background. It could also be personalized by using Glassline paints to add a favorite saying for the holiday.

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Turkey Dinner Platter

11/25/09 – Turkey Dinner Platter – This pattern is for a turkey. It can be made into a pin design to hand out to family members at your celebration, or enlarge the pattern and put it in the middle of a keepsake turkey platter.

I am winding down the patterns this month with this turkey platter design. It has been linked from the Thanksgiving Crafts page.

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Scarecrow Head Pattern

11/24/09 – Scarecrow Head – A silly little scarecrow head that is just in time for the fall holidays. Adorn the head with the hair pattern or add stringers to really give the effect of straw protruding from under his hat. He can also be dressed up with some scrap glass accents.

Since Thanksgiving is just a few days away, this is one of the last patterns that will be added to the Thanksgiving Crafts page for this year.

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Turkey Head

11/23/09 – Turkey Head – This is not your ordinary bald turkey head. He is keeping his head warm by wearing an Indian headdress. You can add many feathers to the piece if you like, but this guy has one single lone feather. This is the newest addition to the Thanksgiving Crafts page this year.

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Colorful Indian Headdress

11/19/09 – Colorful Indian Headdress – A colorful Indian headdress design that can be made into a pin or added to any Thanksgiving fused piece. Glassline paints are used to draw in the facial details. Another of the many Thanksgiving patterns that can be found on the Thanksgiving Crafts page.

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Happy Harvest

11/18/09 – Happy Harvest – This design is a reminder of all the fall vegetation.  I have placed corn and pumpkins on my design, but you could add any fall vegetation that you desire. Use Glassline paints to add any salutation if desired.  Adding more patterns to the Thanksgiving Crafts page.  There are several patterns on the page from previous years if you are looking for a design this Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving Pattern


11/13/09 – Happy Thanksgiving – This is a very simple and basic design. I used white for the background. A cute orange pumpkin is sitting in the corner. Glassline paints were used to add the details to his face and a curly stringer was added for a little color. This is just one of the many patterns you can find on the Thanksgiving Crafts page. Check it out!

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Acorn Cluster


11/12/09 – Acorn Cluster – The weather is turning chilly and time to think about some Thanksgiving patterns. This pattern is a cluster of acorns. Use different shades of brown to simulate the acorn shell and cupule, then add a few green leaves and a touch of color. This is the first pattern placed on the Thanksgiving Crafts page. For additional patterns from previous years, be sure to check out this page.

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