Beyond the Basics – Glass Fusing Instructions

11/29/10 – Beyond the Basics – In this new DVD, Beyond the Basics, I am showing you some simple and easy beginner projects. This video will take you beyond the basics of glass fusing. There are projects on this video that are very basic and will help you advance in your glass fusing experience. This newest DVD in the series is over an hour long of procedures and instruction. The following lists all the chapter and projects.

Ch 1 – Introduction
Ch 2 – Reading a Firing Chart
Ch 3 – Molds
Ch 4 – Fused Tile
Ch 5 – Business Card Holder
Ch 6 – Glass Stand
Ch 7 – Comb Honey
Ch 8 – Coral Bowl
Ch 9 – Fused Barrette
Ch 10 – Glass Donut
Ch 11- Pre-cut Pieces
Ch 12 – Painting on Glass with Glass
Ch 13 – Sifting Frit onto Glass
Ch 14 – Soap Dish
Ch 15 – Fused Glass Dots
Ch 16 – Drilling a Hole
Ch 17 – Glass Powder Wafer
Ch 18 – Sifting Into a Stencil
Ch 19 – Stringer Project
Ch 20 – Layering Powder and Frit

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